Schools and Colleges

Schools and Colleges

Information for teachers and advisors

The Schools and Colleges Liaison team is the central contact for all teachers, career advisors and those in the position of advising individuals on their next steps.

We offer a wide range of outreach activities that can be organised on or off-campus and at a time that suits yourself and your students. We also hold networking events for teachers and advisors as well as manage educational partnerships with schools, colleges and organisations, including the formation of progression agreements.

If you are interested in any of our activities or would like further information on how we can best support you, please get in touch.

At CU Coventry we understand the government’s new Careers Strategy aimed to build a high quality careers programme within schools or colleges. We have mapped out how our outreach activities and events can support your school or college in meeting the Gatsby Benchmark requirements. You can download our Gatsby Benchmark mapping document below.