Veronika’s story

Reaching your potential

Academic support and real world experience have helped Veronika gain the confidence and skills she needs to enter the world of work.

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After doing my Bachelor’s degree in Europe, I wanted to find somewhere in the UK for my Masters. I’m so glad I came to Coventry University London - I’ve gained so much confidence because we practice everything. It makes me realise how much I can handle and what I’m truly capable of. 

I enjoy that all of my teachers are so patient, they put so much effort into their teaching. My teachers have a lot of experience in the industry and management, and will share stories with us; it’s really insightful.

My course has definitely developed me as a person, I’m much more confident about how I think and my managerial skills, how I deliver myself and the things I say and do. I think it comes down to practice. I was a project manager for one of my class assignments where I had to delegate tasks, and it made me realise how much I can handle and how to be a better leader.

My most memorable experience was when I delivered my own event online - it was all my own responsibility and I loved it. I got a lot of support from my teachers to create the best event I could, I felt really proud of my achievements.

I can confidently say this course will really help me in my future! I had a job interview and they could tell I had so much experience because of my course and the university which helped me secure my internship. I’m going to be working for an immigration company and I can’t wait. 

Veronika Ishchuck, International Hospitality and Tourism Management MSc, quoted in 2021
The Queen's Award for Enterprise
University of the year shortlisted
QS Five Star Rating 2023