Students celebrate Year of the Monkey

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Friday 26 February 2016

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Students at the London Campus experienced great excitement celebrating the start of the Year of the Monkey as part of the Chinese New Year with a series of celebrations.

At the London Campus, Teaching Fellow Dr Gratien David Pillai organised the Chinese New Year Party for staff and students. Students had the opportunity to enjoy a fashion show, not only for Chinese culture but also international fashions from countries such as India, Nigeria and Indonesia in homage to the diversity and colourful multi-culturalism of the London Campus.

Academics and members of the Executive Team were also in attendance as well as the CEO of Coventry University London Campus, Dr Janet Hannah. With a speech to open the ceremony and the Chinese New Year celebrations, Janet spoke of the characteristics of the monkey, which are very similar to the tenacity of Coventry University London Campus students. Around 140 staff and students attended the event and enjoyed musical performances by students.

Dr Peter Ye, Head of Energy and Finance, also lent his support to the 2016 China-Britain Chinese New Year Extravaganza which took place at University College London’s Logan Hall. Coventry University London Campus was mentioned during the Extravaganza as a supporter for the event which was organised by the UK-China Economics and Cultural Promotion Association and the Cross-Strait China Culture Communication Foundation. The Chinese New Year Extravaganza was reported by the China Daily newspaper and full details as well as video coverage of the event can be found here.