UK applicants ‘Discover’ Coventry University London Campus

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Friday 26 February 2016

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UK applicants for Undergraduate programmes at the London Campus recently took part in two Discover Taster Days at the London Campus. The Discover Days were attended by around 40 students from all over the UK, from cities such as Cumbria, Manchester, Cornwall and Brighton.

Students were able to discover the delights and charms of the Campus and surrounding areas as well as undertake master classes and taster lectures to give an insight to some of the unique events which are held at the London Campus. After undertaking a campus tour and tour of the surrounding areas, students had the chance to network with each other and also had the opportunity to meet with Teaching Fellows and some of the Executive Team at the London Campus, an event held at Sky Lounge in Chapter Spitalfields.

The Taster Lectures included specially organised activities to help spark creativity and imagination in the students that were in attendance. For the Fashion and Hospitality Taster Day, students were asked to create hats and bags out of unconventional materials. A panel of judges attended the Fashion Show for the unconventional bags and hats and winners were awarded a Certificate of Achievement.

For the Business and Finance day, students were asked to create their own board games and present them in a Dragon’s Dens style pitch to a panel of judges. These activities echo internal challenges which are held at the London Campus for undergraduate and postgraduate students such as the Live Business Challenge and the Synergy Challenge.

Guillaume Richard, Head of Sales and Marketing said:

“We were very pleased to meet with our UK applicants, we had some really unique and creative designs and business propositions presented during the activities of the Discover Taster Day. We’ve been so impressed by the calibre of students who attended and we hope to meet many more students at events that we hold at the London Campus”

If you would like to have the opportunity to visit the London Campus, please see a list of our Upcoming Open Days. Our next Open Day commences on March 23rd. Register your interest here.