Welcome to CU Scarborough

Welcome to CU Scarborough

Congratulations on your offer to study at CU Scarborough! You're taking the first steps on an exciting new adventure, so we've put this section together to guide you through every step.

From information on how to enrol, to finance and accommodation, you'll find support and guidance to help. 

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In order to join your course you will need to enrol. This takes place in three easy steps.

1. Confirm your finance

Email a photograph or scanned copy of your Notification of Entitlement Letter from Student Finance England to admissions.cus@coventry.ac.uk.

  • This arrived by post with your declaration form which you will have signed and returned
  • You can download a copy from your online account if you can’t find the original
  • International and self-funding students will need a sponsorship or self-funding letter

2. Complete your online enrolment

Once your Notification of Entitlement Letter has been received you will be sent a personalised link to our online enrolment. Please complete your online enrolment as soon as possible.

3. Collect your student ID

Your online enrolment will be confirmed by email with an invitation to the CU Scarborough Induction Day. You will collect your student ID card which completes the enrolment process.

  • Please bring two forms of ID, ideally a passport or driver's license and birth certificate
  • There will be a full day of enrolment and induction activities taking place as well as a Freshers’ fair. You can download your timetable on the next tab

If you have any questions about enrolment, please contact admissions.cus@coventry.ac.uk.


Find your course and year below, then click the link to download your academic study timetable.  

BA (Hons) Business Management & Leadership
Year One | Year Two | Year Three

BSc (Hons) Combined Engineering
Year Three

HNC Computing Science
Year One | Year Two

BA (Hons) Counselling: Integrative Theory & Practice
Year One | Year Two | Year Three

BSc (Hons) Cyber Security
Year One | Year Two | Year Three

BA (Hons) Early Childhood Development & Learning
Year One | Year Two | Year Three

BEng (Hons) Electro-Mechanical Engineering
Year One | Year Two

BA (Hons) Health & Social Care
Year One | Year Two | Year Three

LLB (Hons) Law & Practice
Year One | Year Two | Year Three

BA (Hons) Policing
Year One | Year Two | Year Three

BA (Hons) Primary Education & Teaching Studies
Year One | Year Two | Year Three

BA (Hons) Public Health & Community Studies
Year One | Year Two | Year Three

2019-20 Academic Year

Block Start Date End Date
1 23 September 2019 1 November 2019
2 11 November 2019 20 December 2019
3 13 January 2020 21 February 2020
4 2 March 2020 10 April 2020
5 20 April 2020 29 May 2020
6 8 June 2020 17 July 2020


Finding the right student accommodation is a priority for all students. CU Scarborough has a wide range of high quality student accommodation. We’ve worked closely with our student accommodation providers to make sure they provide everything you need, including a fast broadband connection!

Accommodation is in convenient, sought-after locations around the town. And wherever you are, you’ll never be more than a short walk from the campus, the town centre or the beach. Once you have chosen your preferred accommodation you will need to contact them directly to discuss availability, applications and to arrange any viewings. More information on CU Scarborough’s available accommodation can be found here, or contact accommodation provider FutureLets who have further details of accommodation available. You can call them on 02476 158158 or email unihalls@futurelets.co.uk.

Student Finance

Paying for your course

If you are not intending to self-fund your course, it is important that you apply for student finance as soon as possible, as it usually takes up to six weeks to process, or sometimes longer during busy periods.

You are able to apply via the government website.

Student Finance England resources are available online to explain every step of the application. You can view these online

If you have successfully applied for a tuition fee loan, your loan will cover the cost of your course upfront so you do not have to pay these fees directly yourself. Instead, these will be paid directly to us by Student Finance England.

Maintenance loans

If you have successfully applied for a maintenance loan, this will be paid into your bank account in instalments, usually tying up with your term dates.

Self-funding your course

If you are self-funding your course, or if you have not successfully obtained funding by the time you enrol, you have options available. Firstly, the first module fee can be paid up front, which will be refunded to you once your finance has been paid to CU Scarborough by Student Finance England. Secondly, you can defer until the next available module and begin your studies then. But don’t worry; you can catch up at the end of the academic year.

You are able to pay your tuition fees online here

Alternatively, you can pay in person at CU Scarborough, but please note no cash payments can be taken.

Foundation Year funding

If you are completing a Foundation Year with us, your student finance will work slightly differently.

Foundation courses are 4-year undergraduate courses that consist of 1 Foundation Year and 3 Degree years. Foundation years are not 1-year courses that stand on their own but are an integral part of a 4 year Degree programme.

In order to receive funding for these types of course, you must always make the Student Loans Company aware that you are completing a 4 year Degree course with a Foundation Year attached. This is the same whether you choose to continue within the Coventry University group or progress elsewhere.

Problems can arise if students decide to progress outside of the CU Group as other institutions may not offer four-year courses with a foundation year. This means that this will not be reflected in their student finance course list. In this situation, you may still be able to get funding, but will be required to contact your new institution to request that a four-year option including a foundation year is added to the course list.

Otherwise, you may be liable for your foundation fees. Unfortunately, CU Scarborough does not have any control over these requests and are unable to support/guarantee this option. If you do change institutions and funding is not available for the foundation year, there are no timeframes for SFE to pull back the foundation year funding and this can happen at any time throughout the four year degree programme.

Cohort funding

We offer six full-time intakes each academic year. This means students are able to select any one of these six intakes as their start date. The date you choose will impact on your student finance application and progression.

The Student Loans Company (Student Finance England, Wales, NI and SAAS) work on a 12-month academic year cycle, dependent on a student’s start date. This means that students are assessed for a 12-month academic year from the point at which they enter and can only have one start date in that period. This means that students have to return to the next year of their studies at the same time that they originally started the course.

For example, January starters have a 12-month academic year from January 2020 to January 2021 so cannot progress until the end of the 12 months. They are not able to progress in September 2020, even if they have finished year one of their course, as this would cause them to have two start dates in a 12 month period.

We are legally bound by Student Loans Company regulations and have to follow these to ensure funding for our students. For students to receive full funding for their course, they must follow the rules stated above or self-fund the entire course.

2019-20 tuition fees for UK/EU students

  • Nursing £9,250 full-time per year
  • Acting, Counselling, Early Years, Engineering, Health & Primary Education programmes £7,500 full-time per year
  • All other programmes £6,350 full-time per year

Please note, the fees stated are per annum and subject to annual increase.

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