Welcome to CU London

Welcome to CU London

Congratulations on your offer to study at CU London! You're taking the first steps on an exciting new adventure, so we've put this section together to guide you through every step.

Our Registry team will send out enrolment links to successful applicants. Please do not worry if we haven’t contacted you immediately; we will be in touch.

Returning students, here is where can find your re-enrolment information. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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We will first be sending out enrolment links to those new applicants who are known to have confirmation of Student Finance funding. There is no need for students to send proof of funding to Registry.

Registry will then identify applicants who are obliged to come but have not secured funding and contact them asking them to provide proof of funding or payment.

Get Ready

It’s almost time for you to join us and we want to make sure your first weeks go smoothly.

Expect a call from us

We are committed to supporting every student – so expect a call from our dedicated Customer Experience Team who can help you stay on track to achieve success.

Save the team's number +44 (0) 24 7765 6565 so you don’t miss our call and keep in touch.

Make sure you check your email regularly for important enrolment and induction updates and don’t forget to follow us on social media!

Before you can enrol

You will need to ensure that your student finance is in place and you are able to provide:

  • Evidence of your nationality  - a passport or national identity card OR a birth certificate together with your National Insurance number

Student funding - have you organised your fees and finances?

You do not have to have a confirmed offer before you can apply for your student finance.

You need to apply well in advance of your course start date in order for this to be approved on time.

If you do not have student finance you will be able to set up a reoccurring card payment to pay your tuition fee in instalments. You will need your pre allocated student ID number.

If you are waiting for student finance confirmation, once this comes through you can apply for a refund for the amount paid to date, providing your student finance entitlement covers the balance of the amount already paid and the amount outstanding of your tuition fee. If you are sponsored we will need a copy of your sponsorship letter. 

If you do not have student finance and are unable to set up a reoccurring card payment, then you do have the option to defer to our next intake - if you think you will find yourself in this situation then please email us to have your application deferred to the next intake when your finance will be sorted. 

If you have applied to student finance for the incorrect amount of funding and this has been approved or your funding is approved for another university, do not worry as we can make these changes for you.

If your finance is already approved, please ensure you have sent a digital copy of your Notification of entitlement letter to registry.cul@coventry.ac.uk, and we will then send you an online enrolment link.

What’s a TOTUM card and should you get one?

TOTUM is the number one student discount card and app. There's a free version (TOTUM Lite) or you can sign up to access even more discounts. Discounts include ASOS, Boohoo, Dominos, Forever 21, Young Person's Railcard and Alton Towers. Join TOTUM online at www.totum.com

Do you want to save money on train travel?

Save money on train fares in Britain if you are aged 16-25 or a full-time student. Visit the 16-25 Railcard web pages for full details and eligibility. 

Student health and wellbeing

We want you to get the most out of university life, but it isn’t always easy managing everything. Our aim to ensure that you have access to trained professionals with the right expertise when you need them.

If you have (or think you may have) a disability, including a learning difficulty, physical or sensory disabilities, Asperger’s (autistic spectrum) or mental health concerns, which will affect your ability to study or to physically access the University, please contact us before you arrive so that we can start discussing your support needs.

Our Disability, Counselling and Mental Health Teams are available to help you at any time during your studies. Please call +44 (0) 24 7765 8029 or email the team.  

Coventry University Students' Union  Disabled Students' Community and Wellbeing Community provide events, tips, tools, and representation for students. They're free to join and active throughout the year. The Students' Union also provides opportunities to take part in Disability Sport

Got a question? 

If you are not sure where to go, talk to a Customer Service Advisor by emailing engagement@coventry.ac.uk or call +44 (0)24 7765 6565. 

You can also check Wayfinder to identify the support we can provide. Read more information on how to find Wayfinder

A friendly voice right from the start. 

The Customer Experience team are here for you 07:00-22:00pm Mon-Fri and 08:00-14:00 on Saturday. You can call +442477 656565 or email engagement@coventry.ac.uk. 

We’re your first point of contact whatever your enquiry or question. We can help you directly or connect you to expert support, whether that’s an academic tutor or one of the many dedicated student services. 

Support when it’s needed most. 

We are pro-active, always on the lookout for opportunities to help you engage with your studies. For example, we’ll offer a warm welcome when you arrive or may reach out to you when learner analytics has identified you may be struggling.  

Talk to us with confidence. 

Our team is trained to listen and will treat your enquiry professionally and with discretion. Your information is always kept within the confines of the University. 


Explore our campus map on Wayfinder

Our Registry team will begin sending out enrolment links to successful applicants from 22nd October onwards. We will first be sending out enrolment links to those new applicants who are known to have confirmation of Student Finance funding. There is no need for students to send proof of funding to Registry.

Registry will then identify applicants who are obliged to come but have not secured funding and contact them asking them to provide proof of funding or payment. Please do not worry if we haven’t contacted you immediately, we will be in touch.

Returning students, here is where you can find your re-enrolment information.

Teaching will commence on Monday 9 November. The deadline for students to enrol is Monday 16 November.

Online enrolment

All full-time students should enrol online, if there are any issues then please let us know by emailing engagement@coventry.ac.uk.

Student ID

How do I get my student ID card? 

ID cards for Home, EU and International students can be ordered when you enrol and sent to a UK address of your choice.  If you are unable to upload a photo and order a card, you will have the option to book an appointment to come and get one in person. However, we strongly recommend that you make full use of the upload-and-order service. We will not be able to start sending out cards till the start of September, so be sure to select the address you intend being at when term starts. 

What documents do I need as proof of my ID and nationality? 

When you order your student card you will need to upload a scan/photo of your personal ID (preferably your passport) to verify your identity and nationality. If you get stuck, use the chat function to get help with this. 

If you make an appointment to collect your ID card in person, we will verify your identity and nationality at the time. Download the Accepted Proof of Identity and Nationality for further guidance. 

Please note that you can only receive an ID Card by either uploading a photo and ordering it online, or by booking an appointment. We will not be able to issue you a card in person unless you have booked an appointment. 

You'll need your ID card to:

  • Access University buildings and accommodation, as well as Coventry University Students' Union (CUSU) events.
  • Borrow books and laptops from the Library & Learning Services.
  • Register your attendance at class using the Touchpoints.
  • Access printing credits.
  • Update your attendance on our card readers which are also linked to release of your student finance maintenance loan.
  • You can also use your student ID to access discounts at participating shops across the city centre. 

IT access

You will set up your IT access information during enrolment so please ensure you keep this information safe as you will need it to: 

  • Login to AULA to review your module information, submit coursework, look at your assignment briefs etc.
  • Check your results in SOLAR
  • Login to computers around the building
  • Access your student email account

Returning students

We want to make sure everything goes smoothly when it's time to start your next academic year. 

If you are returning to us then you will need to re-enrol - please ensure you have checked your results in SOLAR in case you have resits/repeats etc. For further information, if unsure, please email us.

Once new applicants have been sent enrolment links we will then focus on sending links to returning students who are academically eligible to progress. There is no need for students to send proof of funding to Registry.

Please note that some returning students are not yet in a position to progress academically and are to be considered at an upcoming Programme Assessment Board (PAB). You will only be sent a link following confirmation of eligibility to progress following the PAB.

If you have deferred or resit assessments, your invitation may be delayed a short while. 

If you are self-funding your studies please confirm this with us to release a link for your online enrolment. Email us at cug.registry@coventry.ac.uk.

All full-time students should enrol online, if there are any issues then please let us know by emailing engagement@coventry.ac.uk.

Late arrivals

What if I arrive late? 

Please aim to arrive in time for the main teaching start date. However, we do appreciate that in certain circumstances (such as not getting your visa on time), this may be difficult. In this case, the following support and activities are available to help you settle in and catch up: 

  • Access your Online Induction materials, this will provide you with an introduction to the university, tips about city life and allow you to find your learning materials 
  • Visit the Student Portal to access your personalised teaching timetable. (Enrolled students login, arriving International students please use the link provided in the email you have been sent) 
  • Call the Student Engagement Team on +44 (0) 24 7765 6565 with any questions you have 



We work with FutureLets, the Coventry University Group’s accommodation provider, to reserve rooms in local halls of residence which you can apply for online. We have a range of properties giving you freedom to choose whichever hall is right for you. You can search through the options available and submit your online application via the FutureLets website.

If you are staying in University owned accommodation, make sure you read the FutureLets Licence to Occupy (PDF).

When choosing accommodation make sure you ask:

  • Are bills included in the rent?
  • Do all rooms cost the same? (Some rooms may be bigger than others)
  • Is contents insurance or any other extras included in the rent?

If contents insurance is not included in the rent, you will need to arrange this yourself to ensure your belongings are protected against loss, damage or theft.

Council Tax exemption

As a student, you will be exempt from paying council tax. Visit the government website to apply for the exemption.

If you require a student status letter/confirmation of enrolment letter this can be downloaded online.

Student Finance

Paying For Your Course

If you are not intending to self-fund your course, it is important that you apply for student finance as soon as possible, as it usually takes up to six weeks to process, or sometimes longer during busy periods.

You are able to apply via the government website.

Student Finance England resources are available online to explain every step of the application. You can view these online.

If you have successfully applied for a tuition fee loan, your loan will cover the cost of your course upfront so you do not have to pay these fees directly yourself. Instead, these will be paid directly to us by Student Finance England.

Maintenance Loans

If you have successfully applied for a maintenance loan, this will be paid into your bank account in instalments, usually tying up with your term dates.

Self-Funding Your Course

If you are self-funding your course, or if you have not successfully obtained funding by the time you enrol, you have options available.

The first module fee can be paid up front, which will be refunded to you once your finance has been paid to CU London by Student Finance England. Another option could be to defer until the next available module and begin your studies then. But don’t worry, you can catch up at the end of the academic year.

You are able to pay your tuition fees online here

Alternatively, you can pay in person at CU London, but please note no cash payments can be taken. 

Foundation Year Funding

If you are completing a Foundation Year with us, your student finance will work slightly differently.

Foundation courses are 4-year undergraduate courses that consist of 1 Foundation Year and 3 Degree years. Foundation years are not 1-year courses that stand on their own but are an integral part of a 4 year Degree programme.

In order to receive funding for these types of course, you must always make the Student Loans Company aware that you are completing a 4 year Degree course with a Foundation Year attached. This is the same whether you choose to continue within the Coventry University group or progress elsewhere.

Problems can arise if students decide to progress outside of the CU Group as other institutions may not offer four-year courses with a foundation year. This means that this will not be reflected in their student finance course list. In this situation, you may still be able to get funding, but will be required to contact your new institution to request that a four-year option including a foundation year is added to the course list.

Otherwise, you may be liable for your foundation fees. Unfortunately, CU London does not have any control over these requests and are unable to support/guarantee this option. If you do change institutions and funding is not available for the foundation year, there are no timeframes for SFE to pull back the foundation year funding and this can happen at any time throughout the four year degree programme.

Cohort Funding 

We offer 6 full-time intakes each academic year. This means students are able to select any one of these 6 intakes as their start date. The date you choose will impact on your student finance application and progression.

Student Loans Company (Student Finance England, Wales, NI and SAAS) work on a 12-month academic year cycle, dependent on a student’s start date. This means that students are assessed for a 12-month academic year from the point at which they enter and can only have 1 start date in that period. This means that students have to return to the next year of their studies at the same time that they originally started the course.

For example, January starters have a 12-month academic year from January 2020 to January 2021 so cannot progress until the end of the 12 months. They are not able to progress in September 2020, even if they have finished year 1 of their course, as this would cause them to have 2 start dates in a 12 month period.

We are legally bound by Student Loans Company regulations and have to follow these to ensure funding for our students. For students to receive full funding for their course, they must follow the rules stated above or self-fund the entire course.

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