Coventry University Group to offer support to GSM London students

Coventry University Group to offer support to GSM London students
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Following the announcement of GSM London closing in September, CU London and Coventry University London are working to enable students to apply to study at one of its London campuses.

Friday 16 August 2019

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CU London is offering a helping hand to those affected by the closure of GSM London by giving them a chance to apply to continue their studies in London.

CU London, where all degrees are awarded by Coventry University, has identified courses and put support in place to enable undergraduates at GSM London a chance to apply to continue their studies at its campus in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.

When GSM London announced it was to stop teaching, our immediate thought was how we could help the students affected.

Any student who joins us from GSM London will receive credit for the studies they have already completed, and they will also benefit from CU London’s offer of multiple start dates. There is no need for students to start in September if they are not ready.

Upon graduation CU London students will receive a Coventry University awarded degree at the end of their studies with us.

We would encourage any GSM London students who have any questions about continuing study to get in touch.

Andy Ginn, Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor at CU London

Coventry University London – where degrees are also awarded by Coventry University – has also offered for postgraduate students from GSM London to apply to continue their studies.

This is an unusual and largely unprecedented situation in the higher education sector, so we are working hard to ensure that those wishing to achieve undergraduate or postgraduate degrees are able to do so.

If students choose Coventry University London or CU London, they can study in a supportive and welcoming environment with high standards of teaching excellence.

We will also be offering bursaries until September 2020 for all approved GSM London students that join us, so that their tuition costs for 2019/20 are unaffected.

Ian Dunn, Coventry University Provost

Anyone wishing to find out more should call the Coventry University information hotline on 020 3873 0663 or visit our dedicated webpage for further information for students impacted by the closure of GSM.