CEO of Restorative Justice Council delivers talk to CU London students

Chris Straker delivers a talk on restorative justice
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CU London Policing and Health & Social Care students given the chance to discuss restorative justice with the CEO of the Restorative Justice Council.

Friday 14 December 2018

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Trainee police officers were given a comprehensive insight into an increasingly popular form of justice during a day of role-play exercises and discussion.

Restorative justice, which aims to help victims of crime recover and change offenders’ behaviour through reconciliation was the topic of the day when Chris Straker, Chief Executive Officer of the Restorative Justice Council, visited CU London.

The scheme is gathering support across the country at present after recently being backed by a number of Police and Crime Commissioners, who are spending millions in order to implement schemes to see its usage refined.

Students on CU London’s BA (Hons) Policing course, as well as health and social care students, were given the chance to discuss the form of justice with Mr Straker, as well as take part in role-play scenarios, during his visit to the former Dagenham Civic Centre campus.

Mr Straker, who has given talks around the world on the subject, said: 

I hope that today has given the students an understanding of restorative justice and clean up any misunderstandings that can be levelled at it as a form of justice.

It is actually a very challenging process and not a soft option as some would believe.

As someone who is obviously a big believer in this form of justice, it is good to know that people who may go on to become police officers in this area will go into their career with a good understanding of the history of the restorative justice movement and its benefits.

Chris Straker, CEO of the Restorative Justice Council

Chris Straker, Chief Executive Officer of the Restorative Justive Council.

Clare Bacon, who leads CU London’s policing course, said:

Our policing students will have hugely benefitted from Chris’s talk, which was entertaining and informative.

He managed to get across some quite complex ideas around restorative justice in a clear and concise way, which I think will have opened the eyes of some pupils to this often misunderstood method of justice.

I would like to thank Chris for sharing his time and expertise with us and hope he can come back soon to discuss his ideas with more pupils.