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CU Coventry is a diverse and exciting place to work and we share the enthusiasm of our staff and students to be the best at whatever they choose to do. We offer some impressive benefits for our staff and are committed to delivering the very best opportunities. We also have a comprehensive training, personal and professional development programme that provides our employees with the skills to enhance their performance in the workplace and grow in their careers. For both students and staff alike, now is an exciting time to join CU Coventry.

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Digital Technologies Foundation Year 2017/18 entry

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Study options:

4 years



CU Coventry


February 2018
April 2018
June 2018


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Our Foundation Year courses offer an introduction to your chosen subject and are an ideal route to degree level qualifications, helping you develop the necessary skills for further study.

Digital technology pervades our society and yet there is a significant skills shortage in the IT industry. 

The digital arena isn't just about improving efficiency. It improves business prospects, can shape the development of a company and can influence the way people operate. Innovations in technology have improved operations in companies and governments of all sizes and through IT, small businesses can quickly become successful on a global scale. 

This foundation course in Digital Technologies is designed to prepare you with the knowledge and professional skills needed for progression onto our Digital & Technology Solutions BSc (Hons) Degree.

Why CU Coventry

We are committed to delivering a modern university experience to all our students. Our unique timetable and teaching structure gives you flexibility and our small class sizes ensure students receive plenty of contact hours with tutors. We are also dedicated to making higher education accessible and enjoyable to everyone, so we kept our fees low, our timetable structured and made it a policy to cover one module at a time, allowing you to become a specialist in each topic before moving onto the next.


Dedicated Careers & Employability department who will assist you in finding employment

Top Quality Courses

Taught by industry professionals, awarded by Coventry University

No End of Year Exams

Our modern teaching techniques mean no last-minute cramming and less stress

Professional Recognition

Specific courses contain additional industry recognised qualifications from awarding bodies

Accreditation and Professional Recognition

This course is accredited and recognised by the following bodies:

Modules within the programme include units based on the Chartered Institute for IT (BCS) ITQ Level 3 award. Upon successful completion of these elements, you’ll have the opportunity to take the examinations to complete this professional qualification. This is not, however, a condition of academic credit; assessments for the professional qualification will be independent from that undertaken for the academic award. Should you decide to take the professional qualification with BCS, there is an initial affiliate membership fee. Please visit the BCS website for further details.

Course information

This programme covers professional and academic skills and will introduce you to the fundamentals of hardware, workshop, software and the internet. Alongside this, you will be supported in developing a range of transferable skills in areas including research, project and laboratory skills, academic writing and communication.

Professional and Academic Skills
This module is aimed at creating a culture of careful learning and self-reflection, you’ll be encouraged to recognise the strengths and weaknesses and take ownership of your development. You’ll be introduced to a range of skills that will aid you throughout the programme and further study, such as time management, planning and resource management and interpersonal skills.

In addition, you also gain employment skills such as digital proficiency in MS Office (Excel, PowerPoint etc.), team management, communication, planning and more. We will also cover plagiarism, referencing, library skills and professional standard skills, alongside lectures on ethics, health and safety and technical skills, so that you receive thorough, full-circle training.

Hardware and Workshop Fundamentals
This module is designed to provide you with the basic skills required to safely build, troubleshoot and upgrade computers. You’ll take part in workshop practices, gain health and safety awareness as well as develop technical skills. You’ll also gain invaluable knowledge on desktop and portable computer hardware, graphics and displays, motherboard connectors and printer technologies to name a few. By the end of this module, you will understand the basics of modern day technologies and internet fundamentals, ready for progression onto the next module.

Software Fundamentals
Developing your written communication and presentation skills, the aim of this module is primarily to develop your problem-solving skills using computer programming. You will be introduced to the foundations and concepts of programming using server-side and client-side scripting programming languages. By the end of the module you will be able to use programming language to implement functions, demonstrating your knowledge with a presentation.

Internet Fundamentals
In this module, you’ll explore the way the internet was started and how information moves around the World Wide Web. You’ll become proficient in key internet terminology, such as HTML and CSS, gain a full understanding of IP addressing, DNS, SSL, TOR and basic internet privacy. In addition to a digital portfolio, you’ll be required to develop and present a functioning website, to showcase your learned skills.

Course Specification
Download PDF (417kb)

In more detail...

  • If you pass this Foundation Year, you will automatically qualify for enrolment onto our Digital Technologies Degree degree, subject to meeting specific entry criteria.
  • You will receive support with applying for short and long-term placements, to gain the experience employers desire, with our in-house Careers & Employability department.
  • You will have the opportunity for multi-campus learning in Coventry, London and Scarborough.
  • We keep our fees low to make higher education more accessible to everyone. This means you benefit from an amazing modern university experience, at a competitive price.
  • Small tutorial group sessions of up to five people ensure that you receive the mentoring help and support you need.
  • We deliver one module at a time during each block. This means you can dedicate your time to specialise in each subject without the distraction of numerous modules and multiple deadlines.

Your main study themes are:

  • Academic Skills: You will improve and refine key academic skills needed for progression into higher education and industry application. These skills include research methods, communication skills, referencing skills, presentation skills and more.
  • Self-management Skills: You will have an understanding of management skills and appropriate approaches. You will also learn motivational skills, decision making, problem solving and more.
  • Communications: Exploring communicating with teams and the important role this plays in the IT industry. You will also look at different forms of communications from presentations to written communications to share information effectively.

At CU Coventry, students learn through a variety of modes. The Foundation Year programme is focused on applied learning geared to high intensity teaching and study throughout the programme, requiring full commitment from students. The delivery of course content is a blend of lectures, tutorials and online mediums. 

Unlike traditional institutions, there are no end of year exams. Instead, learning is assessed through coursework and phase tests, which is more reflective of our learning model.

The learning outcomes of modules, assignments and projects will be clearly stated. Your work will be marked according to how well you achieve these learning outcomes and your final feedback will refer to each outcome, as well as providing an overall percentage grade.

Assessment methods vary and include, practical class and project performance, written practical reports, project thesis, oral presentations, tutorial tasks and assessments which take place at the end of each six-week block.

Course Breakdown (approximate):

  • 80% Coursework
  • 20% Interactive Assessments

80% assessed by coursework

On completion, you will be able to:

  • Develop basic skills in dealing with computer hardware, software and networking equipment.
  • Use a range of IT tools and applications to facilitate the design and completion of a given project, working safely and effectively in a computer workshop environment.
  • Develop personal, professional and employability skills and to work with initiative, independently and as a team member.
  • Communicate effectively via reports and presentations and develop a reasoned argument. 
  • Develop appropriate research and analysis techniques, alongside the ability to undertake reliable market research activities. Reflection and evaluation skills to identify personal development within professional scenarios.
  • Operate, lead and collaborate in a team to solve problems of a practical (experimental) nature and to provide appropriate solutions.
  • Understand internet fundamentals.
  • Apply appropriate presentation and evaluation tools to establish the significance of research data produced. 

Full-time students are expected to study a minimum of 21 hours each week.
The majority of this will be face to face teaching, with the addition of tutorials and independent/online learning.
Classes are split into two categories:
Morning - 9am-1pm
Afternoon - 2pm-6pm

Part-time students receive 8 hours of teaching each week.
Outside of this, there will also be independent study and online support.
Classes are split into two categories, subject to numbers:
Saturday - 9am-6pm
Tuesday and Thursday - 6pm-10pm

We hold tutorials in groups no larger than 5 every week. These sessions are mandatory and ensure you receive detailed feedback about your work, go into depth on specific topics and have any of your burning questions answered.

Groups are kept at an average of 25-50 students per class. This way, students can take advantage of small numbers to increase contact time with lecturers.

Entry Requirements

Digital Technologies Foundation

40 UCAS tariff points. All courses require 5 GCSEs at A-C including Maths and English. 

If you don’t fulfil the entry criteria your application may be considered on an individual basis, taking in to account any work experience, other qualifications and/or any training you have completed. Please call or email for further information.

Digital Technologies Foundation

40 UCAS tariff points. All courses require 5 GCSEs at A-C including Maths and English. 

If you don’t fulfil the entry criteria your application may be considered on an individual basis, taking in to account any work experience, other qualifications and/or any training you have completed. Please call or email for further information.

Digital Technologies Foundation

40 UCAS tariff points. All courses require 5 GCSEs at A-C including Maths and English. 

If you don’t fulfil the entry criteria your application may be considered on an individual basis, taking in to account any work experience, other qualifications and/or any training you have completed. Please call or email for further information.

CU Coventry welcomes international students from all around the globe. If you are an international student and are interested in applying for a Foundation Year, you can do so by completing our online application form.

Once your application form has been processed you will receive the outcome of your application via your given email address.
Please be aware you will need the following information in order to make your application:

  • All academic transcripts
  • Copies of degree/diploma certificates or work reference if employed
  • One academic reference
  • English language proficiency level to IELTS 6.0
  • Your personal statement
  • Copy of your current passport

Unconditional offers

We want to recruit the best students to CU Coventry. We assess an applicants' past, current and predicted performance and commitment to the course, and we may feel that it is appropriate to reward consistently high-achieving students with an unconditional offer to CU Coventry. It is a commitment from us with regard to an applicants’ potential as an excellent undergraduate and we hope that this will encourage such applicants to join CU Coventry.

Personal statements and references will also be taken into account and, for some degree courses, an interview will form part of the assessment. Requirements for specific courses differ and not all degree courses will be taking part in the scheme. The unconditional offer will be confirmed once a selected applicant has made CU Coventry their firm choice.

CU Coventry has assessed that you can achieve the required grades and we have demonstrated this belief by making you an offer. This is our commitment to you so then we ask that you reciprocate this commitment by selecting us as your ‘firm’ choice and activating your offer.

We will consider other qualifications for a pre-result unconditional offer if you have an appropriate proven performance at GCSE (or equivalent) level and predicted grades in line with grades that we expect to see at A-level. Other qualifications that we may consider for a pre-result unconditional offer include: The International Baccalaureate Diploma, BTEC Level 3 qualifications, Cambridge Pre-U and combinations of qualifications (e.g. BTECS plus A-levels).

An unconditional offer is what it says it is. So, if you don’t meet your predictions then your place is still guaranteed. However, we would hope and expect that you continue to work hard to make the most of your potential and be best prepared to study at university level.

No, the unconditional offer is only available to those who will take up their place in the year for which they applied.

If you don’t meet the entry requirements for this course, we have a number of programmes which upon completion, automatically qualifies you onto a place on this degree course, such as Foundation Years or Access to Higher Education Diplomas.

Tuition Fees

We pride ourselves on offering competitive tuition fees which we review on an annual basis. Course fees are calculated on the basis of what it costs to teach each course and we aim for total financial transparency.



February 2018

£6,009 (per year)

April 2018

£6,009 (per year)

June 2018

£6,009 (per year)



February 2018

£6,009 (per year)

April 2018

£6,009 (per year)

June 2018

£6,009 (per year)



February 2018

£8,725 (per year)

April 2018

£8,725 (per year)

June 2018

£8,725 (per year)

Full-time (UK/EU)

For the academic year 2017/18, each six-week block will cost £1,502.25. A full academic year is made up of four of these blocks, so this means that a normal full-time year is £6,009. This covers some of your learning materials, access to the CU Coventry Library & Learning Services, all your classes and online tutorials. 

Part-time (UK/EU)

The part-time course fee is dependent on how many modules you choose to study in an academic year.
Each stage of the qualification (Foundation/HNC/HND/Degree) will require you to complete four academic blocks. You can study up to four blocks in one academic year or study at a slower pace (usually three academic blocks per year). Please note if you do study at a slower pace you will need to re-enrol to complete your studies in the next academic year.

For the academic year 2017/18, each block for part-time students will cost £1,502.25. Therefore, the total fee per stage of your qualification if completed in the academic year 2017/18 is: £6,009.


As a full-time student or part-time student resident in the UK or EU, you can apply for a loan to cover the cost of your tuition fees at CU Coventry from Student Finance England.

Please note: If you wish to continue your studies outside of the Coventry University Group you may be liable to pay the tuition fees for this course. The Coventry University Group consists of:

  • CU Coventry
  • CU London
  • CU Scarborough
  • Coventry University
  • Coventry University London

Career prospects

If you successfully pass your Foundation Year, you will be guaranteed a place on an Honours Degree course at CU Coventry, subject to meeting specific entrance criteria.

The strength of the course lies in preparing students, who are looking for an alternative to a traditional university experience, for progression on to a related degree course within CU.

Learn more about our, Digital & Technology Solutions BSc (Hons) degree programme.