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Kerry's story

Newton Road School is proud to be part of the National Institute of Teaching and Education (NITE). Our school has spaces for 315 pupils and a higher-than-average proportion of SEND and Pupil Premium children.

Our aim is to ensure that all children are able to learn and thrive in a learning environment that is built on mutual respect.

We decided to partner with NITE as we wanted to offer our staff a professional development pathway and support the talent within our organisation to grow and develop. The process has been incredibly smooth from the outset; they listened to the needs of the school and Trust and advised us of the pathways available.

It is incredibly important that we develop and support our staff, encouraging them to grow in the profession so they can make an impact on young people today. By growing our own teachers and nurturing talent from within the local area, it helps to raise aspirations and support the growth of a whole community.

The flexibility of course start dates has been invaluable, and has allowed us to work with staff on their bespoke learning journey of professional development. NITE took the time to listen and advise us, which has been extremely important in us supporting our bespoke pathways for our staff.

Our trainee was already a member of the school team and allowing them to undertake this pathway has seen them grow, develop and flourish. By using NITE as a provider for our staff, the transition into training has been extremely smooth. We have been actively able to support their individual pathway and progress.

I would absolutely recommend NITE – especially for those schools looking to grow their own.

Kerry Mills - Principal, Newton Road School Rushden, Northamptonshire, 2021