Student and teacher looking at laptop

Applying for teacher training courses in England with Coventry University

We offer a number of different routes into teaching, and applications for these take place on one of two systems, depending on the route you choose.

Applying for PGCE with QTS via the full-time or part-time student route:

To find out about the courses we offer please go to the site.

Select ‘By school, university or other training provider’ and type in the C85. This will bring up a list of the courses we offer and provides a means to apply for the one you want.

Alternatively, if you already know the course you can go directly to apply for teacher training.

Already employed?

If you are already employed in a school, then you can apply for an employed route via the Coventry University website.

Please use the appropriate link below for your course selecting ‘Apply for this course’ and then ‘Register’ on CU Apply. Please note our teacher training courses are not on the ‘Applicant or Partner Portal’. 

For the Teaching Apprenticeship, please ask your school to put you forward for the course by emailing us at

Please do not apply for this course via the University website before your school have nominated you and you have been asked to submit your application.

If you have any questions please contact us.