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Welcome back

We want to make sure your return to university after the term break goes smoothly. This page provides key information on how to get organised for the year ahead.

Term and semester dates

Make sure you know the term dates for your course, so that you can plan your next year of study, as well as your work schedule and your holidays. If you need assistance, please contact our Student Engagement Team by emailing


UK students paying home student fees

As long as you have no outstanding tuition debt and have received a results letter stating that you can continue on your course, you will receive an email containing an enrolment link, once the enrolment period begins. You must follow the link to complete online enrolment, just as you did when you first joined your course. You may need your financial details, such as your student loan information, to complete your enrolment.

EU students paying home student fees

After 30 June 2021, students from the EU or EEA cannot just show their passport or identity card to access services in the UK. You will have received an email from the Enrolment and Compliance Team requesting for you to provide evidence of your immigration status so that we can check your right to study in the UK. Your re-enrolment will be blocked until you provide this information and evidence. Once you have provided the documentation and the Enrolment and Compliance Team has confirmed that you have sent everything that they need, your enrolment block will be removed.

You will also need to make sure you have no outstanding tuition debt and have received a results letter stating you can continue on your course. If all these conditions have been met, you will receive an enrolment link via email. You must follow the link to complete online enrolment, just as you did when you first joined your course.

Students paying overseas fees

Students paying overseas fees must have met the following conditions to continue with the enrolment process. The sooner conditions are met, the sooner enrolment can take place. The conditions are:

  • You have cleared all outstanding debt and paid at least £8,000 towards your fees for the coming year. This money must have cleared in the University's account before you will be enrolled. As a rough guideline, all payment methods take at least 3 days to clear. International bank transfers take around 14 days. Do not leave your payment until the last days of enrolment.
  • You must have received a results letter stating that you can continue on your course

Re-enrolment in September 2021: Once your progression to the next stage of your course is approved and you have received your results letter confirming this, the Enrolment and Compliance Team will send out an email and a survey asking you to confirm your current situation. Depending on the answers you provide, you will receive further information confirming your bespoke enrolment journey.

If you plan to be in the UK by 4 October or are currently in the UK, this will involve an appointment for a face-to-face document check on campus (you will need to bring your BRP card and passport). All emails about this will go to your university email account, so you must check this regularly. Enrolment will begin from 23 August 2021. You must be enrolled by Monday 4 October at the latest, so make sure that you satisfy any conditions in good time. Teaching begins on Monday 20 September 2021.

Once you have paid the required fees, cleared any debts and satisfied the conditions of your particular enrolment journey, you will receive an enrolment email containing a link. You must follow the link to complete online enrolment, just as you did when you first joined your course.

If you need help with the online enrolment pages please contact:

Students returning from a temporary withdrawal or for repeat modules may need to enrol differently. If this applies to you, the Enrolment and Compliance Team will contact you to arrange your re-enrolment. They will only email once, so you must regularly check your university emails and you must provide information requested from you.

All students must have re-enrolled for the next stage of study by 17:00 on Monday 4 October.

Do not assume that enrolment deadlines will be extended, or that you can appeal to enrol late. Enrolment can only be guaranteed until the enrolment deadline on Monday 4 October. For more information on enrolment, visit the Enrolment page of the Student Portal;or email the enrolment team on

Your timetable

Your personalised timetable will be released up to 72 hours after you have enrolled. Once released, you can also access your timetable by logging into the Student Portal.

Please be aware that your timetable is not an assurance of progression. Please refer to your results letter for your progression details. The information in your timetable will be as accurate as possible, but is subject to change, so please check it on a regular basis.

Thinking about changing your course?

Course changes must be discussed with your Course Director in the first instance and any course change must be completed by the end of teaching week two. Please find more information on the course transfer process on the Student Portal.

To avoid any visa complications, we also advise you to speak to the Registry team ( and Visa Compliance team ( before taking steps to change your course.

Fees and finance

To re-enrol for the next stage of study, students must make sure that fees are in order:

  • Home fee payers must make sure that all debts from the previous stage have been cleared.
  • International fee payers must make sure that all debts are cleared and that at least £8,000 has been paid towards the fees for this academic year.
  • If you are returning to complete repeat modules or are returning after a temporary withdrawal, please contact soon as you can, to find out what you need to pay to enrol.

Please visit our Fees and Finance page for more financial information and advice.

International students - previous intakes

If you started your course in September 2020, January 2021 or May 2021 and are planning to come to campus you will be contacted by the Enrolment and Compliance Team who will ask you to provide your arrival date in the UK alongside some specific documents that show your right to study. Your documents will then be checked remotely, and the team will contact you again should they need extra documentation.

*Before making any travel arrangements, follow the latest government guidance.

Alternatively, if you are unable to come to the UK for the start in September 2021 you can choose to continue your studies online. The Enrolment and Compliance Team will still make contact with you during the semester to find out when you plan to travel to the UK and will request right to study documentation from you when you arrive.


If you have already received and accepted an offer for university-owned or managed accommodation, information on your next steps will be emailed directly to you. Don’t forget that your accommodation is not secured until you have accepted your offer, paid the deposit and selected a payment plan.

If you are staying in university-managed accommodation, make sure you read the FutureLets terms and conditions.

If you have booked a property in the private sector, make sure you read and understand the contract. We have put together key information to enable you to find suitable private housing on our website

For more information, please email

Coventry University Students’ Union (CUSU) also provides housing information, including advice on finding a room or a roommate, housing deposits, inventories, moving in and your rights and responsibilities.

Need more help?

General support

  • The Student Engagement Team is here to help from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday, and from 10am-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. You can reach them by phone (+442477 656565), email ( or by messaging the virtual Student Information Desk. Whatever your enquiry or question, the Student Engagement Team can help, either directly or by connecting you to expert support.
  • Check Wayfinder to explore the support available to you, and where to find it.
  • Our International Student Support Team is here to provide international and EU students with non-academic support, covering subjects such as pre-arrival, visas, immigration, housing and post-study advice. For questions, queries or concerns, please contact the International Student Support Team by email or phone (+4424 7765 2010).
  • Students’ Union Advice Centre (SUAC) is a free, independent and confidential service which gives advice, and provides representation, on a range of problems including housing, consumer law, cheating, plagiarism, internal disciplinary matters and complaints. You can contact SUAC by calling +4424 7765 5200, emailing or by visiting their website.
  • In an emergency happening on campus, we encourage you to use the SafeZone app to alert university staff, who will respond to the alert and escalate to the emergency services if needed. SafeZone is free and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. For more information about SafeZone, please see this page.
  • For an emergency happening off-campus, you can call the police, ambulance or fire services by dialling 999. For non-emergency incidents (e.g. your car has been stolen or your property damaged) call the police on 101.

Study and course support

If you have any questions about your study programme, you can talk to your tutors and other students on your course, by logging in to your course pages on Aula.

If you need help understanding any of the university’s academic processes, such as absences, exams, deferrals and extensions, you can email the Registry team on or visit their Student Portal page.

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