Student right on target at British University Championship

Publication Year / 2013 / Categories / Achievement / Student

Thursday 01 August 2013

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Sanchit Guliani holding a bronze medal

Sanchit Guliani, MBA Global Business at Coventry University London Campus, recently won a bronze medal in archery during the British University Championship. Sanchit’s interest in archery started seven years ago when he was studying in his home country, India. He is an experienced Archer who has already won a number of competitions and he was delighted to finish third at the Championships.

Upon arriving at Coventry University London Campus, the dedicated Student Services team drove Sanchit’s ambition to participate in the British University Championship. He was informed of the partnership and facilities available to our students through the University of London Union and supported through his training by the Coventry University Student Union Sports Office. 

“I was determined to be the first winner for Coventry University London Campus in archery and hence continued practicing the sport in London, in association with University of London Union where I found fantastic infrastructure for my betterment” commented Sanchit.

Sanchit participated in the Gentlemen Compound Senior Men Category and shot 144 arrows at 90 meters, 70 meters, 50 meters and 30 meters.

Sanchit went on to say: “I sensed pressure during the competition but conquered it well enough to win a bronze medal for Coventry University London Campus. It was an amazing feeling to achieve what I had been preparing for and also to be the first winner of any medal in archery representing Coventry University …Even though Coventry University London Campus is dedicated to providing their students with academic knowledge, any student is also able to practice his/her sport or extra-curricular activity freely by using the University of London Union”.