Past Present and Future Cycle Challenge 2016

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Friday 30 September 2016

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On Friday 23rd September, 21 individuals from Coventry University took place in a cycle challenge in partnership with Hunters Hill Technology college, an academic charity that provides a structured, calm and sympathetic approach to children that lack confidence or have moderate learning, emotional and behavioural difficulties. 

The aim was to raise funds for Hunters Hill and promote commuting to work via sustainable and environmentally friendly methods. Graduate Interns Megan and Claire at Coventry University organised the challenge where twenty one individuals studying and working at Coventry University cycled a staggering 132 miles to the London Campus. Over three days, the cyclists travelled 55 miles, 57 miles before making the final stint to the London Campus.

Staff were ready to welcome the cyclists at the finishing line in Devonshire Square. Refreshments were on hand at the finished line offered by Devonshire Square restaurant Devonshire Terrace, a free bicycle service from Ultimate Bikes and a sports masseuse was on hand to welcome the weary travellers who had made such a long journey down to the heart of London.

Mike Johnson, Head of PE at Hunter’s Hill Technology College said:

‘The funds raised in this cycle challenge will go to help two of the most deprived areas in Birmingham. The money will go to making their education more exciting and enjoyable. The difference that has been made to their lives cannot be expressed in words. To all who took part, thank you!'