Accommodation options expand with ULHS partnership

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Friday 30 September 2016

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In addition to the existing accommodation options for students, Coventry University London Campus is proud to announce a new partnership with the University of London Housing Services (ULHS). ULHS will offer a range of services to assist and support students to find safe and affordable and private home away from homes in private lettings.

The ULHS services has registration schemes for private landlord and letting students which will provide safe and vetted properties and rooms for students. As part of its services to students, ULHS helps them to find accommodation, assist in contract checking and provide legal advice where relevant. Students can take advantage of a range of events that are run throughout the year including flatmate finder events and housing fairs.

This exciting new partnership with University of London Housing Services is just one of many recommended accommodation providers that the London Campus recommends to students. On Campus, our Accommodation Team are on hand to assist students with any queries and will be able to help with providing practical living advice. 

A representative of the Accommodation Team said:

“We have recently joined partnership with University London Housing Services that provides a number of housing options for our students who are looking for a flat share and independent housing options. ULHS also provides legal advice to all our students and can check their contracts before they sign them whether this is with a private Landlord or Student Housing. We are excited and have them on board and providing such a valuable service for our students!”

If you would like to get in touch with the Accommodation Team, for advice and guidance on your options, you can contact them on: