MBA students attend workshop at Canary Wharf

Publication Year / 2014 / Categories / Business / Student

Monday 24 November 2014

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Twenty five MBA Global Financial Services and MSc Global Financial Trading students attended a workshop, Encouraging Transatlantic Start-Ups, presented by The Global Innovation Forum and Level 39 at Canary Wharf.

The workshop was designed for start-ups and small businesses looking to engage internationally in partnership with Intuit, Fried Frank, Techstars, and Select USA.

Students had the opportunity to identify challenges and opportunity for global start-ups and understand and evaluate the role of governments in providing help for start-ups to access overseas markets.

An afternoon of networking, conversation with a number of professionals and personalized consulting and mentoring sessions were available to the students.

Associate Teaching Fellow Carole Tee said:

“Our students had an informative day and got a good feel of Level 39 events as it’s one of the best incubators in London which focuses only on technology start-ups for the finance industry.”