Online International Learning project in collaboration with the University of Jordan

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Thursday 26 March 2015

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A group of 27 first-year BA (Hons) Global Business Management students from the London Campus took part in a new Online International Learning (OIL) initiative between Coventry University London Campus and the University of Jordan.

Working alongside 25 students studying Marketing and Finance from the University of Jordan, the students participated in two group discussions via video link and also had a series of individual discussions via skype.

The OIL projects main objective is to give students a broader perspective of business internationally. It allows collaboration between students internationally in real-time to share ideas, discuss business practices, explore cultural aspects of business and encourages debate on current affairs globally.

During the first session, students had the opportunity to ask their counterparts a range of questions including more information on their area of study, how they are settling into university life, and cultural differences. The discussion in the second session was based on the research students had conducted on the Business Models which are used in their home countries.

During the session a shared access to Coventry University London Campus online learning resource Moodle allowed the students in Jordan to access the contents of the International Business Cultures module.

Dr Gratien David Pillai, Teaching Fellow at the London Campus commented:

“This has been a great experience for students at Coventry University London Campus to work alongside their counterparts from the University of Jordan. In the next academic year, we are hoping to have a University from South Africa and Russia to join us in this initiative. This will provide an opportunity for our students to have a broader perspective on issues relating to cultures and how to do business in the wider world”.