Coventry University Ukrainian Society President invited to Downing Street reception

Pavel Pimkin standing outside 10 Downing Street

Pavel Pimkin

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Tuesday 07 February 2023

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The President of Coventry University’s Ukrainian Society was at 10 Downing Street for a special reception to mark the Orthodox New Year.

Pavel Pimkin, a student at Coventry University London, has worked tirelessly to support Ukraine since the war began last year, raising thousands of pounds for humanitarian efforts in the country.

He was one of the organisers of a live address to students at Coventry University by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in June and arranged an auction of artworks by Ukrainian artists in November.

That auction raised around £13,000, a sum split between Ukrainian artists and humanitarian efforts in the country.

The event in Downing Street brought together Ukrainian refugees and those sponsoring Ukrainian families in the UK. Pavel was invited because of his role with Coventry University’s Ukrainian Society and his membership of the national Ukrainian Students’ Union.

It was a privilege to visit 10 Downing Street, I know it’s something that not a lot of people get the opportunity to do and it was great to be able to speak to sponsors of Ukrainian refugees about why they have taken people in.

A lot of people in the UK have connections to Ukraine, maybe they’ve got family members who are Ukrainian or they’ve visited the country before, they all just want to do their bit to help. It was nice to see so many new faces.

I had the chance to speak to the Prime Minister’s wife Akshata Murty, who was very interesting, and although the reception was not about announcing specific help for Ukraine, it was good to hear that the UK continues to give its support. The UK has been one of Ukraine’s biggest supporters since the war began.

I have some family members in Ukraine and one of the things that is a big problem at the moment is the damage that’s been inflicted on civilian infrastructure, there are times when the power can be out for up to 12 hours and with winters that can reach minus 10 degrees things can be difficult. That’s why I’m keen to support more generators going to Ukraine so people can get electricity when they really need it.

Pavel Pimkin

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