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Benefits of partnering

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Businesses are becoming increasingly cost conscious and highly competitive and often have to manage rapid change. As a result, an increasing number of employers are looking to interns to develop and support their business. Offering our students the opportunity to undertake an internship provides a number of benefits to you:

Ensuring quality – direct access to our MBA students without having to use a third party. To ensure success, our students will have completed a competitive selection process prior to starting their placement

Low risk and cost effective – a dedicated resource to complete key business projects, while not adding to your permanent headcount and without long term financial commitments

A boost to business growth – an opportunity to progress project work which may have stagnated due to higher priority commitments

Increased productivity – motivated and bright interns, looking to prove themselves. Interns commit to tasks and work hard at completing them quickly and efficiently. They are able to work on a variety of projects with enthusiasm

New ideas and perspectives – a fresh approach to business projects, drawing on current industry thinking, employing new business models and ideas

Creative business solutions – the flexibility to engage an intern through an offsite individual or group consulting project; an answer to limited office space or confidentiality issues

Ongoing support – throughout the internship both you and your intern are fully supported by a Coventry University London Internship Manager and an Academic Tutor

Widening multicultural knowledge and expertise – students come from diverse backgrounds and nationalities offering you a range of foreign language skills and a different cultural perspective

Enhanced leadership and supervisory skills – through the mentoring of interns, your staff can further develop their management capabilities. Hosting an intern benefits both the intern and the organisation through mutual education and the building of essential skills

Expanding recruitment options – an opportunity to assess the performance of our students before committing to a full time job offer, if you are keen to recruit

Promoting business relationships – the potential for you to build your business profile by working in partnership with Coventry University London and building business networks These significant benefits provide you with effective solutions to further your business needs.


Working in Partnership

A successful internship will benefit all parties; you, the student and Coventry University London. With this in mind, it is important that each party understands their individual responsibilities throughout the Employer Internship Programme.


We will:

• Provide a dedicated Internship Manager who will handle your internship requirement and will be your point of contact throughout the internship process

• Brief graduates on your internship requirement to ensure that they fully understand your opportunity

• Present a shortlist of ‘business ready’ graduates for you to interview

• Provide ongoing support throughout the internship via your dedicated Internship Manager

• Facilitate internship review/feedback meetings


Our students will:

• Conduct themselves in a professional manner

• Undertake the project identified by you and work to agreed outcomes and timescales

• On completion of the internship, complete a Management Report and undertake a presentation to you

• Complete a reflective review of the work undertaken from a personal perspective

• Take part in the evaluation of their placement


You will:

• Provide a full brief of the work to be carried out by the intern, commensurate with the experience of an MBA student

• Provide the intern with a real organisational issue to work on to enhance their personal skills and experience

• Ensure that the workplace is suitable for the duration of the project and that the student has access to all required resources

• Provide an environment that is supportive and free from discrimination

• Provide a named mentor within the organisation that the intern can contact during their internship with queries or concerns

• Provide feedback to Coventry University London at internship reviews

 In our experience, these responsibilities help ensure that both you and the student fully benefit.

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