CU Scarborough work with Scarborough Police to pioneer a new volunteering scheme

CU Scarborough work with Scarborough Police to pioneer a new volunteering scheme

Policing Tutor Matt O’Conner with PCSO Stacey Begin on the Freshers’ Fair Scarborough Police stand

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North Yorkshire Police attend CU Scarborough's Freshers’ Fair to recruit Student Crime Prevention Champions.

Tuesday 18 September 2018

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Students at CU Scarborough will work alongside their local police to help keep students safe at university, as part of a pioneering new volunteering scheme.

North Yorkshire Police was at the Freshers’ Fair at CU Scarborough on Thursday 13 September, to recruit Student Crime Prevention Champions.

The community-spirited volunteers will take part in crime prevention initiatives and campaigns alongside the police – giving them an insight into local policing issues, and contributing to a safer environment for students in North Yorkshire.

The first project the students will tackle will be to raise awareness around the dangers associated with ‘money mules’ – where a ‘mule’ allows their bank account to be used by others to transfer money in and out, and in return, keep some of the money for themselves.

The student crime prevention champions will be sharing key messages including.


No legitimate company will ever ask you to use your own bank account to transfer their money. Don't accept any job offers that ask you to do this.
Be especially wary of job offers from people or companies overseas as it will be harder for you to find out if they are really legitimate.
Never give your financial details to someone you don't know and trust.


The voluntary role is designed to provide students with the opportunity to support particular policing issues as and when they can, rather than commit to a long-term role. The students will initially receive training from cybercrime and fraud police specialists.

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