CU Scarborough inspire more people to consider a career in nursing

CU Scarborough inspire more people to consider a career in nursing

Rachel Jameson, a nurse at St Catherine's Hospice.

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CU Scarborough hope to inspire more local people to consider a career in nursing, which is currently experiencing a shortfall of workers.

Friday 10 May 2019

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The newest provider of nursing training on the Yorkshire Coast is aiming to get more people into the profession by releasing a series of videos showing the hard work nurses in the area do every day.

In the run up to International Nurses Day on Sunday 12 May, CU Scarborough, part of the Coventry University Group, is working with Yorkshire Coast Radio to release a daily video outlining the work done by healthcare professionals in the Scarborough area.

The station’s breakfast DJ Paddy Billington has toured healthcare providers such as Scarborough Hospital, St Catherine’s Hospice and Falsgrave Medical Centre to shed light on just what it takes to be a successful nurse.

Staff at CU Scarborough hope the videos will inspire more local people to consider a career in nursing - which is currently experiencing a shortfall of workers.

In the NHS alone there is a shortage of more than 100,000 staff, a situation set to worsen after the UK leaves the EU according to a Kings Fund report.

I’ll be 60 this year and still passionate about what I do. I’d say do it, definitely. Health care has changed so much and is still changing. Nursing is such a fulfilling career and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Rachel Jameson, nurse at St Catherine’s Hospice

Taking a week ahead of International Nurses Day to speak to nurses and create these behind-the-scenes videos is a great way of honouring the profession. It really shines a spotlight on the great work they do.

Working with CU Scarborough to understand the work our healthcare professionals do day in day out is humbling. International Nurses Day is just one way we can show our respect.

Paddy Billington, Yorkshire Coast Radio DJ

Once the videos have been released, CU Scarborough will host a ‘Pathways into Healthcare’ event on Tuesday 14 May.

The event will give would-be nurses the chance to find out more about the courses CU Scarborough offers to get people into nursing, such as its BSc Adult Nursing course and its Nursing Apprenticeship.

Kay Fraser, Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor at CU Scarborough said:

International Nurses Day gives us the opportunity to show our gratitude to all those who have chosen this caring profession, so we helped create these videos to highlight the crucial work nurses perform day-in, day-out.

Our Pathways to Healthcare event will show prospective nurses what we have an offer. We’re committed to helping reverse the shortfall of nurses along the Yorkshire coast.

Our qualifications are directly aligned to the vacancies in the health and social care sector, and are designed with local people in mind, so we’d encourage anyone with an interest in nursing to attend.

The Pathways into Healthcare event takes place on Tuesday 14 May 5-7pm. Places can be booked online

*Kings Fund report, November 2018