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John Kenny
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CU Coventry welcomes John Kenny as the new Head of Management, Business, Law and Policing.

Thursday 05 July 2018

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CU Coventry has made a new senior appointment who will be using his vast experience to focus on developing creative ways to ensure that students are work ready. 

John Kenny is the new Head of Management, Business, Law and Policing at CU Coventry, part of the Coventry University Group.

He has a passion for delivering employability skills and ensuring that students are well-prepared for the world of work – something that is a key concept at CU Coventry.

John, who lives in Stratford upon Avon, has 27 years of experience in the education sector and joins the campus after spending two years as a self-employed education consultant, providing interim leadership and mentoring for those in the Further Education and training sector.

He has spent time as Deputy Principal at Stratford-upon-Avon College and Director of Curriculum at Darlington College, as well as holding senior management positions at East Durham College and North Tyneside College. He was also director of training and education at Health Active Ltd and has spent time in the leisure industry and the public sector.

John has diverse experience as an education leader and innovator and has used his skills in the development and delivery of curriculum, improvement initiatives, staff training, and strategic planning to achieve high quality standards.

He will be using this extensive knowledge to develop his department and also explore further creative ways to bring employability skills into academic studies.

I have a wide range of experience in further and higher education, so this role fits my skill-set well.

Employability skills are already a key focus at CU Coventry, and I will be looking to improve this further by developing innovative ways to incorporate these into academic studies even more, such as through creative assessment techniques. 

It’s important to remember that when our students graduate they will be looking to move into employment, so we need to ensure they are in the best possible position to take that step onto the career ladder.

The students already receive an excellent educational experience at CU Coventry, and I look forward to improving this further.

John Kenny, Head of Management, Business, Law and Policing at CU Coventry

I would like to welcome John to CU Coventry. He has a wealth of experience in education and leadership, so we are very excited that he is joining us.

He has used his expertise to achieve high-quality standards while working in senior management positions at a number of educational institutions.

He is very passionate about delivering employability skills, something we strive to achieve at CU Coventry, so it is excellent to know that he will be looking to expand this further for the benefit of our students.

Jackie Mathers, Associate Pro Vice Chancellor of CU Coventry