Three students explain why they chose CU Coventry for a degree with a difference

CU Coventry student Alexandra Nebancea

CU Coventry student Alexandra Nebancea

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Friday 21 August 2020

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Clearing 2020 has proved to be a busy one for students, with confusion over A level grades adding to the mix of emotions on what is always a frantic time.

Many will still be looking for the place they will call home as they make decisions that will alter the course of their futures. CU Coventry, part of the Coventry University Group, offers a style of education which is flexible and designed to fit around students’ lives.
You can choose from a wide range of career-relevant courses and study at a pace that suits you.

Students who study at CU Coventry benefit from a modern, forward-thinking higher education institution, reinforced by the quality and reputation of Coventry University.
Here, three students explain why they chose to study at CU Coventry.

I’m the first person in my family to start a degree and my mum and dad pushed me to go to the UK to study and that’s one of the main reasons why I’m here today.

I chose CU Coventry after attending a university fair in 2016 in my home country. I thought Coventry sounded quite magical and that it would take me to places. It’s definitely lived up to that expectation!

My advice would be to take a leap of faith. It sounds daunting; it’s a lot to study for but the teachers are amazing and offer an incredible amount of support.

It’s brilliant not to have the end of year exams. I have anxiety due to bad experiences back in school and I like focusing on practical coursework. Just because someone doesn’t do well in exams doesn’t mean you’re a bad student.

I’ve won two gold leadership awards last year for the volunteer work that I did at the students’ union. I have five volunteering roles this year and am looking to be a student ambassador as well. It’s really rewarding and I’m doing it because I get to work in a team of like-minded people and they’re all inspiring.

Alexandra Nebancea

The qualifications I’ve earned through CU Coventry have helped me to secure a job after graduation with an internationally renowned company.
I chose Coventry because it was close to home so I can easily balance my study and work life.

I joined through Clearing and I remember having a conversation with the admissions team about the modules, the learning model, and the fact there was no end of year exams seemed perfect to me. I didn’t have the pressure of having to memorise lots of information for an exam, and I could take time to learn about each subject.
My advice would be to stop procrastinating, give the admissions team a call and express your interests so that they can guide you. They were able to properly help me make the right choice.

The support from tutors at CU is more personal. I know in a traditional uni, lectures can get so big. At CU Coventry I’m able to email my tutors and get a very quick response, the support is so much better.

The culture, energy and people themselves make the campus so great.

I moved to Coventry when I was a kid, so I’ve come to CU Coventry as a local. I love the city. After high school, I went to South Africa to study, but dropped out and came home to study here. It’s a homely place and I’ve never felt the need to leave to get freedom.

Frank Mbofana

I am the first person in my family to study a degree. Most of my family members studied in Nigeria so I wanted to try something different.

The student life of the city really appealed to me when I was looking online at different places to study. It seemed like a nice, friendly city which was very student orientated.

I’ve been interested in computers all my life. When I reviewed the criteria for the course and the modules I just had to apply.

We learn about so many things and there are so many opportunities for employment and master’s degrees I can do. When I saw what was involved in the course I knew that I needed that knowledge and was satisfied that this specific course was right for me. With this course, there’s nothing that you can’t do. There’s no limit, you learn so much. The Cyber Security module, in particular, inspired me to choose it as a future career. I would like to do my master’s in Cyber Security.

I’ve done many extra-curricular things during my time here too. I’ve raised awareness for homelessness and done more research into the issue.

Michael Godspower

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