Students' Union holds January Refreshers Fair

Publication Year / 2018 / Categories / Student

Thursday 01 February 2018

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One of the aims of Coventry University London Students’ Union is to connect students with local companies. Both the Freshers and Refreshers Fairs are an ideal time to do this. Local companies, such as FitnessFirst, Planet Organic, and Marulin Tea, are invited to the campus so students can find out what surrounds our campus. Two travel companies, Anderson Tours and Somewhere New, were also invited, alongside several health and wellbeing stalls.

Following Refreshers Fair, there was also a Societies Fair on campus. This allowed current and new students to browse the wide range of social societies on campus, from Speech and Debate to Human Resource Society to the Russian Society. This gives students the chance to spread their network of connections whilst ensuring that they have a fun, enjoyable time at Coventry University London.