Students gain careers advice and industry insight from London Executive Advisors CEO and Founder Karl Rego

Publication Year / 2017 / Categories / Student

Monday 20 November 2017

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Coventry University London engages with a large number of employers across various industries to ensure that students have great opportunities to apply their learning. Coventry University London recently signed a collaborative agreement with London Executive Advisors (LXA), a business based in London offering services in deal making and business performance improvement. Karl Rego, CEO and Founder of LXA, recently delivered a guest lecture on campus, giving students careers and interview advice, and insight into the capital investment industry.

Karl opened by illustrating his own journey, an example of a varied career, from undergraduate study in the USA, working at Johnson & Johnson, studying an MBA in Germany and working for non-profit organisations, before going on to launch his own business with LXA. From his personal experience, Karl was able to give advice to students on career progression and how to stay motivated, inspired and resilient along the way, as well as tips on interviewing and salary negotiation.

One of the topics Karl focused on during his lecture was how your personal values can take you far in business. Karl’s example was his mantra “learn it, live it, give it”, talking about how he always looks to work with people with courage, integrity and service. On the topic of capital investment, Karl stated that there were five key things he would look for when investing in a company. These included the strategic leadership team and their working dynamic, whether the company has a product that can gain market traction, and the sustainable scalability of the business.

As part of the collaborative agreement with LXA, a number of students will undertake work experience with Karl. Recently, two MSc Global Finance students completed their internships performing market analysis with LXA. Watch our video here to learn more about their experience. Coventry University London looks forward to a fruitful relationship with LXA, and future guest lectures from Karl.