Personal tutor system introduced for first year students

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Tuesday 24 February 2015

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Coventry University London Campus has announced the introduction of an academic personal tutor system for all first year students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level across all programmes. 

This new initiative is designed to enhance the working relationship between tutor and student.  It creates a strong academic focus and allows for structured support with an explicit purpose. Research from the Higher Education Academy suggests many students have benefited from such a programme helping them to identify and address any issues they may have at an early stage.

The programme can include supporting the student's personal development planning with a focus on career planning and preparation, academic support, pastoral care and student welfare. The personal tutor will be the student’s first point of call to discuss any issues affecting their well-being or progress whilst studying.

Once allocated, the personal tutors will remain with the same group of students throughout the duration of their first year of study at the London Campus. Groups of up to ten students will meet with their personal tutors and peer group twice during their first term of study and once in both their second and third terms. This will allow them to discuss any issues that may have occurred and to deliver feedback on recent events.