MBA Students team up with Professional Business Mentors

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Monday 31 October 2016

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Coventry University London MBA students were able to produce their final business plans in an unprecented partnership between the UK200Group the UK’s leading membership organisation of independent quality-assured accountancy and law and the University.

A pilot of the YESS Initiative, ran from June to September 2016, and saw six students paired up with a partner-level business adviser, or ‘Business Buddy’, in the latest programme from Coventry University London and the UK200Group to support our graduating entrepreneurs in the early stages of their careers.

The students and their business buddies met fortnightly throughout this period to discuss their business plan, a 10,000-word document that plays a similar role to the traditional thesis.

Declan Swan, CEO of the UK200Group, said, “Entrepreneurship is vital to the UK economy, and something which is firmly embedded in the DNA of our business community.  We at the UK200Group recognise the contribution of owner-managed businesses, and set up the YESS Initiative in partnership with Coventry University London to support the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“Our members have described a remarkable transformation in the students they mentored and the businesses that they planned to launch.  The process of taking a student with an ambitious idea and giving them the practical, real-world advice that they need to succeed, was one that they found extremely rewarding.”

Callum Morrison, leader of the Entrepreneurship module said,

“We at Coventry University London, and especially the students who were fortunate enough to learn from the UK200Groups’ expert advisers, are very thankful for the input of the UK200Group and its members.

“The YESS Initiative has had an incredibly positive effect on the student participants.  They are now much more confident and authoritative than they were before their meetings with their Business Buddies.”

Adeola Remi-John, MBA Global Business,

“My Business Buddy challenged my thinking and provided professional insight specific to my choice of business.  My business Buddy is a professional, with a keen eye for detail and who takes a genuine interest in whatever project is in his hands.  His comments and suggestions certainly improved my project, and would add value to any client.”