MBA students start professional development programme

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Monday 05 February 2018

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Alongside gaining academic knowledge, Coventry University London students are given many opportunities to improve their employability. One such way in which MBA students can enhance their prospects is by attending a professional development programme, which is specifically designed to test and improve students’ ability to form, plan, and test strategies, whilst also developing their industry competencies.

New MBA students at Coventry University London recently had the chance to take part in the first session of their professional development programme in Devonshire Square. The MBA students had 75 minutes to complete a variety of tasks, from building a complete train circuit from wooden blocks to decoding a puzzle, aimed to test their ability to communicate, work in a team, time management skills, and their creative thinking.

The sessions are recorded and led by external coaches, who then watch the video and give individual feedback to each student, noting when they displayed industry competencies or what could be improved. The coach then tailors a business plan to each student. At the end of their studies, students undergo a second simulation in order to measure how much they have developed during their time at Coventry University London.