Live Business Challenge Week at Coventry University London Campus

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Monday 04 January 2016

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30th November to 4th December saw the delivery of the Live Business Week at the London Campus. Over this week 450 free tickets were issued for many events with external guest speakers.

The University organised a series of special programme events to help students participate in business stimulations. Students were asked to work in groups to develop business ideas for commercial ventures and to simulate the behaviour of real life scenarios and tackle issues that would face real life organisations.

Other events included 30 minute work shops to mentor students as well as a fashion conference.

This week also saw the first ever TED-Like Talks which guided students in creating a persona and the charisma which surrounds many business moguls such as Richard Branson and Steve Jobs.  A guest lecture led by Dmitry Selemir, the co-founder and partner at proved popular amongst students and staff. The lecture discussed marketing automation for social media and students were able to gain inspiration from Selemir's vast expertise.

Dr Svetla Stoyanova-Bozhkova, Head of Strategy, Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality said: 

"There were over 450 free tickets issued and it was amazing to see that the tickets 'sold out' only couple of days after the registration links opened and we had 80+ students attending each major event."

For more images from the event please see here.