Hawraa Budraa, CEO and Co-founder of Onaria Technologies, Delivers Guest Lecture

Publication Year / 2018 / Categories / Student

Tuesday 24 July 2018

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As part of Dr Sabrina Vieth’s ‘Introduction to Entrepreneurship’ module, Hawraa Budraa gave a guest lecture on the value of preparing an excellent pitch. Budraa is the CEO and co-founder of Onaria Technologies, a company that has developed an app that monitors oral health and hygiene by having users take photos of their mouths using their phone.

Budraa began her lecture by outlining the importance of preparing a good pitch before talking students through one of the pitches her company used to successfully secure investment. She stressed the need for entrepreneurs pitching their business to develop the ability to flexibly tell the story of their company as pitches can vary in length, from 3 minutes to 20, and different investors will be looking for different things from aspiring entrepreneurs.

Budraa then discussed how important it is to build and maintain a network whilst launching a business. She talked about her own experience with mentors before highlighting the many ways in which these mentors have helped her build her business, from providing feedback on her idea to introducing her to key industry figures.

Finally, Budraa told the lecture theatre about the importance of ‘why.’ That is, she told the room that understanding why you are motivated to create businesses is a driving factor in achieving success. This motivation, she said, goes beyond simply wanting to make money as only focussing on money will not lead to a satisfying, fulfilling professional life.

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