Exploring Fashion Futures: Sustainable Fashion Event Held on Campus

Publication Year / 2018 / Categories / Student

Friday 29 June 2018

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Fashion students at Coventry University London recently held Exploring Fashion Futures on campus. With a focus on sustainability in the fashion industry, the fashion students organised the event entirely themselves utilising skills they learned across the course of their studies. The students contacted and arranged a wide variety of guest speakers, from representatives of sustainable brands to founders of luxury shopping services and fashion researchers.

Furthermore, the team put together and implemented a cross-platform social media plan. Their Instagram gained 153 followers in just a few weeks due to the great efforts of the social and branding teams. The teams also wrote press releases, created and managed their own website, and sourced sponsors for the event.

The event itself was a great achievement, with lively debate and discussions from the guest speakers. This was finished with a clothes swap, which encouraged attendees to bring in old or unwanted clothes and exchange them for items another person had brought in, thus contributing to sustainability and to the circular economy within their own fashion practices.

If you want to see more from Exploring Fashion Futures, follow @exploringfashionfutures, or view the Instagram story @covunilondon.