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Tuesday 24 January 2017

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Coventry University London Campus were proud to host quarterly business meeting Disruption in Action held in November.

London Campus students had the opportunity to attend the meeting which enabled Marc Dowd, one of the UK's most respected thought leaders on technology lead business model disruption, to look at two real-life businesses on the day to develop disruptive business models.

The event was attended by entrepreneurs and business professionals who were able to witness and take part in the process. Two sets of entrepreneurs presented their business models to the audience and Marc Dowd whilst sitting on the ‘Disruptors Chair’. The entrepreneurs were put through their paces as Marc worked with the presenting entrepreneurs to identify key factors to help them completely change the game on their competition.

They offered guidance by using Marc's tried and tested framework which is built around 87 factors that influence all disruptive transformations. Not only did students have the opportunity to develop their understanding of disruptive business models, but they also had the opportunity to network with business professionals who attended the event.

Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Coventry University London Campus, Callum Morrison said:

“The word disruption suggests inconvenience, but following the work of Professor Christensen, ‘disruption’ has become a business approach for entering, reframing and ultimately dominating markets; specifically with new technologies.

“Mark Dowd is a recognised technology analyst, and Coventry University London Campus is pleased to be associated with his and Matthew McLarty’s ‘Disruptor’s Chair’ meetings, in which the disruptiveness of two participating firms are examined in front of audience. I believe the Disruptor’s Chair has the potential to become a new way of discussing and teaching strategy.”

The event was a great success and all attendees were given the chance to broaden their horizons and reset their creative thinking in terms of radical business model transformation.