Coventry University graduate presents masterclass with Google

Publication Year / 2017 / Categories / Student

Wednesday 05 July 2017

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This month, over 100 Coventry University London students had the chance to take part in a Google masterclass on campus. This was an interactive session, covering how to tell your story online to improve your digital presence, and understanding your brand with Google analytics. The event was delivered by Coventry University graduate Lucia Asanache, from the Google Digital Garage team.

Students learned a multitude of insights into consumer patterns and behaviour online, including the fact that the UK is a nation of digital shoppers, with an average spend almost double that of the US. We are a digitally-engaged nation, with 94% using the internet and spending an average of 5 hours 48 minutes online per day.

Lucia explained to the students how to reach this vast audience with a variety of online tools, particularly websites. Students learned how websites can help a business develop, and the key elements of a successful websites. The session covered current trends, and challenged students to consider their website from both a consumer and a marketing point of view, highlighting the need for a call to action. The session also included practical elements including a live demonstration of how to test a website to ensure it is mobile-friendly.

This is the first time the Google Digital Garage team has presented a masterclass on campus and due to the success, Coventry University London hope to offer future masterclasses to students.