The best coffee shops near Coventry University London

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Wednesday 03 November 2021

It's no secret that London is a coffee-mad city, with over 7,000 independent coffee shops and more than 8,000 coffee chain outlets, according to Allegra World Coffee Portal. We've put together a list of our favourite coffee shops close to campus, to help you fuel your next library session or 9am lecture.

Nude Coffee Roasters

With two of its three locations within five minutes of campus, Nude is a great spot for a dose of caffeine. With its ‘East’ espresso blend roasted in nearby Brick Lane, you can be sure your coffee will be made with attention and care. Take your pick between the Bell Lane and Spitalfields Market branches.

Climpson and Sons

An East London staple, Climpson and Sons have been roasting and serving coffee in Hackney for years, with their flagship café situated in Broadway Market. In 2017, they opened up a slick 360-degree espresso bar in Spitalfields Market. Try their cold brew coffee on tap, or pick up a bag of their coffee beans to make a great cup at home.

Association Coffee

Association Coffee serves up quality espresso in an industrial-inspired setting with a few added quirks, such as banker’s lamps. Head to the branch next to the Gherkin to enjoy coffee and food from small suppliers, and brush shoulders with city workers.

Black Sheep Coffee

Black Sheep Coffee, on the corner of Cutler Street and Houndsditch, is the best option for people leaving our Cutlers Exchange building in search of caffeine. The chain has social responsibility at its heart, working to minimise plastic use and running a scheme where customers can buy drinks for homeless people. You can even order from them on Deliveroo, if you want to enjoy a coffee without doing the legwork!

Godiva Café at University House

We couldn't write about coffee without giving a little shout-out to our own on-campus café! The Godiva Café is by far the quickest place to get a coffee if you're at University House. It's situated on the Ground Floor of the building and serves coffee, herbal teas, pastries, hot food and snacks between 08.30 and 16:30, from Monday - Friday.

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