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Meet Your Success Coaches

Want to make the very best of your time at university? Coventry University London’s expert team of Success Coaches are here to guide and support students on their academic journeys. They can help with managing studies, developing lifelong personal skills, preparation for the transition into the workplace, peer-to-peer support and much more.

We caught up with the extraordinary individuals shaping success at Coventry University London, sharing insights and the passion that drives them to empower our students to succeed.


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What is a Success Coach?

“As a Success Coach, my main role is to meet one-to-one with students, just like you guys. We meet for 45-minute sessions and are here to help you set aims and goals for your academic life, and maybe your career. We can be one of three things: we could be a champion for you, a cheerleader, or we could be part of a team that would challenge you.” - Louise, Success Coach


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Why is it important to have a Success Coach?

“It's so important for students to have a Success Coach if they have dreams, and I don't believe that any student doesn't have dreams. It's a time to set aside to dedicate, to have someone to be accountable to.” - Louise, Success Coach

“We are one of the few universities in England to offer the Student Success Coach service. You can make the most of us by booking one-to-ones at the beginning of your semester and having one-to-one sessions with us regularly to help you achieve your goals.” - Param, Success Coach

“The reason why it's important to meet Success Coaches right at the beginning of the semester is so that you can plan out. You're ready to tackle the semester to make sure that you succeed, and you get the very best grade and the very best experience you can from London.” - Rodrigo, Success Coach


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What’s the best thing about being a Success Coach?

“The best thing about being a Success Coach is seeing students succeed. Standing with you guys at graduation and seeing you have come from the student that you arrived at us, to the asset to the workforce that you leave us.” - Louise, Success Coach

“The most rewarding aspect of being a Success Coach is getting to know the students personally, understanding what they've been through and then what motivates and drives them. Then seeing the success in the future brings me much pride.” - Rodrigo, Success Coach


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