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Hamza Kamal Bela's story

Hamza Kamal Bela

MBA Global Business 2013-2014

Hamza Kamal Bela joined Coventry University London in 2013 to study for an MBA in Global Business. Hamza came to Coventry University London to increase his awareness, skills, and confidence in communicating effectively, accurately and respectfully across cultures, so we caught up with him to see where his time studying here had taken him in his career.

Hamza Kamal Bela

Why did you decide to study at Coventry University London?

I decided to study at Coventry University London as I have family in London and wanted to stay close to them. I had also been researching part-time job opportunities which are in abundance as far as London is concerned. However, I was also open to the idea of staying at the Coventry campus if needed as I find Coventry quite beautiful a city.

What is your favourite moment or personal highlight of your time at Coventry University London?

Quite frankly, all of it. From the orientation when I got to meet the Coventry University London staff, lecturers and fellow students from different parts of the world, to when we got through the anxious times of uploading our final assignments and then the graduation. It is most definitely the most memorable period of my academic career.

How has Coventry University London helped you progress in your career?

Coventry University London has taught me the value of adaptability, hard work, team play, timelines, the ability to translate ideas into executable plans and most importantly the ability to understand that the process of learning and diversifying never stops. I got into roles that I would have never imagined myself in a few years before I came to Coventry University London. Studying here gave me a new perspective towards my professional skills and abilities.

What was the best thing about studying for your MBA in Global Business at Coventry University London?

The MBA in Global Business was a chance to increase awareness, skills, confidence and results for communicating effectively, accurately and respectfully across cultures. Living in a country that differs significantly from my own country provided me experiences that stimulated me to socialise with others, pore questions, discover new methods and ways of doing things, appreciate different perspectives, be flexible and determine what is of relevance, based on new insights. I took this degree since I wanted to have a perspective on how businesses operate internationally, how they strategise in times of need and how they achieve desired results and control damage. All of it helped me to make my way into roles not only in Pakistan but in the UAE as well with opportunities to work with companies as big as Jumeirah Group (UAE) and NETSOL Technologies (NASDAQ registered).

What advice would you give to prospective students who are considering studying at Coventry University London?

Go for it! And before starting all of it, be prepared and try to stay ahead of the curve through researching all of what you are getting yourself into; the London life, your field of study, the study methodologies. Most importantly, have the ability to translate ideas into executable plans (which you will need a lot of in order to do well in your assignments). BEST OF LUCK!

The Queen's Award for Enterprise
University of the year shortlisted
QS Five Star Rating 2023