Industry Focus

Industry Focus

AME has been created with industry and academic collaboration at its heart and this is the approach we are adopting going forward.

We have and will continue to build mutually beneficial relationships and harness skills, expertise and influence from our customers, our suppliers, our partners and, over time, other universities.


So how will you benefit?  

Undergraduate and Postgraduate students will experience unique learning opportunities by training on ‘live’ manufacturing projects and accessing cutting edge technologies.

Our customers will have the opportunity to collaborate on R&D projects that deliver solutions to environmental, economic and technological challenges.

The supply chain will be able to use knowledge gained through research and access to state-of-the-art technology to improve performance, open up new market opportunities and deliver manufacturing solutions.

There is also access to our skills and professional development courses that will boost the technical capabilities of your workforce.

Finally, funders and partners can work with us to identify and explore new technologies for growth markets that will attract high profile research projects and improve the competitiveness of the UK.

“There are no barriers to innovation with AME, we are keen to hear from industry on other new collaborations we can pursue.”

AME has been developed in partnership with industry to help the UK’s manufacturing and engineering sector to compete in the global marketplace.

We have used experience of working with small businesses, original equipment manufacturers, academia, business support providers and influential engineering groups to design a truly unique offer and learning experience.

This engagement does not stop now the doors are open and students are actively involved in ‘live manufacturing projects’.

In order for AME to remain at the forefront of teaching and delivering what industry wants, we will continue to encourage dialogue, best practice sharing and collaboration.


How could you benefit?

Our customers are closely involved with all of the research projects we undertake. This ensures new processes and technologies can be developed to achieve product innovations, cost savings,


improvements and increases in sales.

Knowledge gained through our research will be disseminated across our suppliers to help boost performance and open up new market opportunities.

Securing research projects requires strong relationships and our partners are already proving instrumental in identifying and exploring technologies and processes that offer long-term potential in key growth markets.