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CUSE Social Impact Report

We are the only UK example of a social enterprise set up by a university to promote social entrepreneurship and innovation.

We connect people and ideas
We support students, staff and community
We help realise their entrepreneurial potential


Our remit is to maximise Coventry University’s role as an anchor institution by finding ways of benefiting the local community and achieving true social value

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Our Year in Numbers


Start-ups supported


Start-up turnover generated


Social challenges addressed


New social enterprises


Participants in our programmes


Engagements with our communities

Social Enterprise

  • We are working with local councils, businesses, charities, consumers and budding social entrepreneurs to grow the social economy in Coventry.
  • In 2018/19 we focussed on working in partnership to address social challenges linked to SDGs.
  • We supported student social enterprise society Enactus and hosted a range of community events including Social Saturday, Social Enterprise Day and Making It Happen Through Social Innovation.
  • As part of MiFriendly Cities project we adapted out Evolve Social Programme to support migrants and refugees to start-up businesses with a social and environmental mission across the West Midlands.

CUSE partners


  • 15 New social ventures created
  • 10 Social challenges addressed
  • 786 Attendees at community events


  • 65 Social enterprise created to date
  • 75 Jobs safeguarded
  • £1.3M  Turnover of all active firms
  • 80% Survival rate after 3 years

Our Reach

Our work has impact locally and internationally. For the past two years we have been working in partnership with the British Council to develop social and creative entrepreneurs and grow social economies worldwide.

In 2018/19 as part of the Developing Inclusive Creative Economies programme we extended our reach to Indonesia and Egypt, providing training to those running University incubators and NGOs. With the Wider Europe focussed Creative Spark project in Kazakhstan, we training staff and students in developing entrepreneurial mindsets.


Numbers of engagements with students, staff, community members and organisations last year 


Attendees at community events



New enquiries through the 'My Idea' form.

Our work with the British Council benefitted 428 people across 4 continents





In conjunction with The British Council. 

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