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PhD in Physical Education and Youth Sport

Our PhD in Physical Education and Youth Sport is a structured programme that is studied online. Find out more about this new postgraduate opportunity.

Buildings and Facilities

Coventry University's Super lab (Lab+) offers world-class health & life sciences education with industry-standard facilities and equipment. Includes Olympic-grade sports facilities for athletes and teams.


Articles and thought-pieces from our academics

Black History Month 2020 Archive

Coventry University's Black History Month 2020 Page

Coventry University’s virtual simulation training for nurses and midwives wins European award News

Coventry University’s virtual simulation experiences (VSE), which allow healthcare students and qualified practitioners to experience real-life situations in a virtual world, has won a European award.

Dr. Francis Rayns

Associate Professor, Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience

Dr. Charis Rice

Associate Professor, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations

Dr Zhaohe Gao

Assistant Professor, Centre for Manufacturing and Materials

Dr Xi Jiangjing

Research Fellow, Centre for Manufacturing and Materials

Dr Fawad Khan

Research Fellow, Centre for Intelligent Healthcare

Dr. Anna Michalska

Lecturer in Business and Management | Dr Michalska is a Lecturer in Business and Management, and the Associate Course Director for BA Business Administration.

Dr Richard Mackenzie

Associate Professor, Centre for Health and Life Sciences

Law, Risk and Compliance

Exploring the socio-political and socio-legal dynamics of law enforcement, risk management and compliance issues and spaces pertaining to financial crimes, and the role and position of the end-user stakeholders involved therein.