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Working at Coventry University

Coventry University is a diverse and exciting place to work and we share the enthusiasm of our staff and students to be the best at whatever they choose to do. As one of the City’s biggest employers, we offer some impressive benefits for our staff and are committed to delivering the very best opportunities. We have a comprehensive training, personal and professional development programme that provides our employees with the skills to enhance their performance in the workplace and grow in their careers. There are pension schemes, a generous holiday allowance and flexible working opportunities as well as lifestyle benefits including childcare vouchers, discounted membership to the £4 million sports and recreation centre and schemes such as Cycle to Work and the CU Car Share initiative.

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Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Accommodation Terms

Catered – meals are provided for residents in catered halls, and are included within the cost of the rent. We have 2 catered halls; Priory Hall and Quadrant Hall, both of which serve breakfast and an evening meal, Monday – Friday.


Ensuite – these rooms generally consist of a bedroom, with its own individual bathroom for the resident’s sole use.


FutureLets - The FutureLets team are the managing agent appointed to manage accommodation on behalf of Coventry University. Company registered address: The FutureLets Ltd, Coventry University, Priory Street, Coventry CV1 5FB. FutureLets is the trading name of The FutureLets Ltd, a company registered in England, under company number 09136328, wholly owned by Coventry University Enterprises Ltd.


Licence to Occupy - this document outlines the terms and conditions of residency (what you can and cannot do in accommodation), and forms part of your contract. This document is only relevant to University Owned and Managed properties.


Managed – these properties are associated with the University via a lease, and your Licence will be with the University, and your rent payments will go to the University. The properties themselves are owned and managed on a day-to-day basis by another company. Examples of these properties include Lynden House (managed by Derwent Living) and Liberty Point (managed by Liberty Living).


Non-Ensuite Studio – this refers to a studio room (comprising a bedroom area and kitchenette), with a separate bathroom. The bathroom is for the sole use of the resident of this room, however it is not directly accessible via the main bedroom/kitchenette area.


Partner Property – these properties are owned and managed by a separate company. The University reserves a number of rooms within these properties for the sole use of our students, who can book these rooms by applying through FutureLets. The rent payments go to the Partner Property directly, and your contract will be between yourself and the Partner Property. Examples of our Partners are UNITE Students, Host Students, Study Inn and Downing Students.


Premium – specific rooms of this type vary, but generally a ‘premium’ room will provide either a larger floor space, or more furniture/features within the room (e.g. sofa, wash handbasin, additional storage).


Private Lettings/Private Accommodation – this refers to properties which are privately owned by landlords, who hire FutureLets to let or manage their tenancy and property for them. These properties generally consist of shared houses, flats and apartments, and are generally in the residential areas of Coventry.


Self-Catered – students living in these properties are required to buy their food and cook for themselves.


Studio – These rooms generally consist of a flat with a single floor space, providing a bed/sleeping area, kitchenette with basic cooking equipment, and a study area with a desk and chair. These rooms typically have an ensuite bathroom for the resident’s sole use.


Superior – this term only applies to Singer Hall, and refers to rooms which have been recently refurbished. They generally have a ¾ bed, and greater storage capacity.


Tenancy Agreement – this is the contract between a tenant and a landlord, and is only applicable to accommodation booked through our private lettings portfolio. This does NOT apply to University Owned or Managed accommodation.


University Owned – this refers to accommodation or properties which are owned by Coventry University. The Licence for these properties is between the student and Coventry University, and the day-to-day running of these properties is managed by Coventry University.


Utilities – generally refers to Gas (where applicable), Electricity, Water and Internet.

Application Terms

Conditional - This is an offer made which is dependent on the student reaching certain criteria such as obtaining specific grades for example BBB from three A-Levels.


Firm - An offer you accept as your first choice – usually this refers to the UCAS applications system, or to applications made direct to the University via the Recruitment & Admissions Office or the International Office.


Postgraduate – a secondary degree (following completion of a first degree), such as a Master’s or a PHD.


PSE/Pre-Sessional English – international students who are required to complete an English language course over the summer months, before starting their degree, in English, in September.


Unconditional - This is an offer of a place on a university course, where the applicant has met all of the entry criteria there are no conditions, the place is yours if you want it.


Undergraduate – a student embarking on their first degree (e.g. Bachelor’s degree).

Descriptions are meant to act as a guide only, and not all rooms will exactly match the descriptions outlined above. Neither Coventry University nor FutureLets guarantee that the layout or style of any accommodation offered to you will be the same as that outlined above. Neither Coventry University nor FutureLets guarantee that any accommodation offered to you will come with any particular contents, furniture or facilities other than those expressly stated as being available in each property as set out on the Coventry University website.