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Coventry University is a diverse and exciting place to work and we share the enthusiasm of our staff and students to be the best at whatever they choose to do. As one of the City’s biggest employers, we offer some impressive benefits for our staff and are committed to delivering the very best opportunities. We have a comprehensive training, personal and professional development programme that provides our employees with the skills to enhance their performance in the workplace and grow in their careers. There are pension schemes, a generous holiday allowance and flexible working opportunities as well as lifestyle benefits including childcare vouchers, discounted membership to the £4 million sports and recreation centre and schemes such as Cycle to Work and the CU Car Share initiative.

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C-DaRE Events & Collaborations

We run an annual calendar of events that include international conferences, symposia, research seminars and round tables. We always welcome a range of world leading speakers and keynotes to C-DaRE and invite contributions from the broader dance community.

Some events specifically target post-graduate students and early-career researchers and many events include live and recorded performances. Our themes are broad ranging, reflecting the breadth of our research within C-DaRE.

If you are interested in any of the listed events, please contact for more information.

Upcoming Events

15th March 2017

SomaticApp - Dance, digital software design and inclusive practice

The Grass, Disruptive Media Learning Lab

This project aims to bring together expertise across disciplines of health and dance to develop the concept of an app that can be used by students to promote self awareness and relaxation through mindful movement. This can also be linked to dealing with related physical recurring pain such as neck and shoulder pain from desk work, etc. In particular, it will draw on somatic movement practices which are a group of activities that link body and mind for wellbeing such as Feldenkrais and Alexander technique.

CANCELLED: 18th April 2017

Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled, but we hope to reschedule soon.

ICE Building

This lecture is about the ethics of neoclassical gesture in ballet during the 1930s in France in relation to an impending fascism that would soon make itself felt under the Occupation. While neoclassicism is reliant on seventeenth-century absolutist monarchy and therefore can itself connote a tendency toward fascism, a qualitative leap was needed whereby the proto-fascist aspects of the restoration of the monarchical past promoted by French fascists such as Charles Maurras could be transformed into what Walter Benjamin called a permanent state of exception.

1st June 2017

Dialogues on Dance, Philosophy, and Performance in the Contemporary Neoliberal Moment

ICE Building

This two-day conference invites scholars and artists engaged in the philosophical interrogation of experimental dance and performance from a continental or analytic perspective to address these concerns. Our interest is in examining how existing tensions and dissensus between the two philosophical traditions might productively address the problems and potentials of dance and performance in order to further current thinking, advance the field, and question its role and our practices in neoliberal capitalism. This bringing together is therefore not an attempt to ‘bridge the gap’ between the two traditions; it instead aims at exploring how looking at the same object of analysis from different perspectives and through different conceptual, critical, methodological and linguistic frameworks.

Dates for your Diary

Digital Echoes Symposium, 10th March 2017, Coventry University

Dance Fields: Staking a Claim for Dance Studies in the 21st century, 19th - 22nd April 2017, University of Roehampton Conference Centre, London, UK.

Dance and Somatic Practices Conference 2017, 7th - 9th July 2017, Coventry University


More information about these and other events coming soon...

Past Events

8th - 9th December 2016

ICE Building

The Dance Fields Postgraduate Un-Symposium is designed as an informal event to share research and ideas, ‘network’, and engage in dialogue and discussion through a series of one to two hour sessions. Drawing on the themes of the Dance Fields—Staking A Claim for Dance Studies in the 21st Century conference to be hosted at Roehampton University April 19th-22nd 2017, the un-symposium hopes to open up possibilities for collaborative submissions to the Dance Fields conference as well as spark collaborative working practices, reading groups etc. for the future click here for information

Registration is now open!

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2nd December 2016 17:00-18:15

ICE Building

Free to attend

This presentation will discuss some of the findings from a three-month research project, Moving Online, undertaken in partnership with the Digital Catapult. This project explored the circulation and ownership of dance content and other forms of movement data. I will outline the barriers preventing UK dance companies from sharing content online, suggesting that these arise from practical and philosophical questions about the ownership of human movement and the data it generates. I will go on to discuss how some of these issues are currently being handled in areas such as motion-capture, interaction design and behavioural biometrics, drawing connections between art, technology and industry. Click here to read more.

25th November 2016 17:00-18:15

ICE Building

Project Trans(m)it: Phase Two

Trans(m)it is a collaborative, transcontinental dance study led by choreographers Becca Weber(Coventry, UK), Lora Allen (Philadelphia, U.S.) and Megan Mizanty (Chambersburg, U.S.).  Phase Two followed an eight month rehearsal process between co-directors Megan Mizanty, Lora Allen and Becca Weber, held entirely online and rehearsed thousands of miles apart from one another.  They premiered this work in Philadelphia in August.  Project Trans(m)it welcomes our two guest artists, Ella Tighe and Angelika Mizinska, performing the roles of Megan Mizanty and Lora Allen tonight. This is the first time they will be meeting and performing the work together, following rehearsals held online with Megan and Lora from their locations in the United States. Click here for more information.

21st - 22nd November 2016


Cultural Heritage: Reuse, Remake, Reimagine, the third conference from the Europeana Space project, will showcase the myriad ways that cultural heritage can be used and enriched through new technologies, innovation and the ingenuity of the creative industries. #ESPACEBERLIN2016

Detailed programme, and registration will be soon available at:

18th November 2016 17:00 - 18:15

ICE Building

Free to attend

Identity Politics: Dance Films, Flamenco and the Romani Community

Flamenco and Gypsies have always been linked to Spain and considered a part of Spanish identity. Flamenco is an exotic currency that is exploited and used to attract millions of international spectators and tourists to the country. Focusing on the migration of Flamenco to a global stage I question how Flamenco is viewed and the mediums which frame the art form. This presentation explores how a dance short film and a medium-length documentary, explore image identity, oral traditions and embodiment of history. Both films are underpinned by research and were created to offer the viewers another perspective of the flamenco art form and challenge the imagined fantasies that are often associated with flamenco. Click here to read more.

11th November 2016 17:00-18:15

ICE Building

Free to attend

A Contemporary Nomad: The Trajectory of a Research Practice

This talk attempts to situate a trajectory of work that is trans-disciplinary and trans-national in context. It locates this researcher between two multi-year research projects; “Project Barca: New Architectures of Memory and Identity (2011-2014) – otherwise known as Going West to Find East/Going East to Find West, and “Contemporary Nomads” (2016-?), a research/creation that responds to the current and unprecedented movement of large groups of people world-wide. To read more click here.

Past Events

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If you are interested in any of the listed events, please contact for more information.