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On this page you can find links to the latest Equality Policies, the Equality and Diversity Annual Report, and the Equality Objectives Action Plan. For supporting statistical information, see our statistics page, or go to the Equality and Diversity homepage.


Statement of commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Equality Diversity and Inclusion Policy 2019 (pdf, 134kb)


Recent updates, changes and news about our Equality and Diversity activities and networks.

Recent updates (February 2016) (pdf, 60kb)

Equality scheme

The Equality Scheme outlines our key equality objectives for 2012-16. It builds on the significant successes achieved in our previous ‘single schemes’ (on disability, gender and race) and more recently our first single equality scheme.

Equality Objectives Action Plan 2012–16 (pdf, 100kb)

Equality Objectives Action Plan 2016-20 (pdf, 114kb)

Details of the Equality Scheme 2012–16 (pdf, 170kb)

Equality Objectives 2016-20 (pdf, 24kb)

Outcomes Equality Objectives 2012-16 (pdf, 227kb)

Annual report

The Annual Report for our Equality and Diversity contains a summary of actions taken to promote equality and diversity at the University, outlines the University’s five equality objectives for the period 2012–16 and gives data on the student and staff profile, analysed by age, disability, ethnicity and gender.


Equality and Diversity Annual Report 2016 (pdf, 303kb)

Equality and Diversity Annual Report 2015 (pdf, 140kb)

Dignity and respect

Coventry University recognises that its employees and students have a right to be treated (and have an obligation to treat others) with dignity and respect so that the Institution is free from any form of harassment or bullying. The existence of any form of harassment can create a threatening and intimidating environment with adverse consequences for job and academic performance but, more importantly, for general health and well being. This is completely unacceptable and potentially unlawful and actionable.  The University will therefore adopt a zero tolerance approach to such action when proven.

Dignity and Respect Policy (Word, 78kb)

Student Trans Equality Policy (PDF 260kb)

Disabilities and health

Policy on the employment of people with disabilities or long-term health conditions

The University is committed to being a good employer of people with disabilities or long-term health conditions and to promoting a positive attitude on disability. It recognises that people with disabilities, whether obvious or unseen, face barriers in the workplace which can include assumptions, ignorance or the physical environment. This policy outlines the actions that the University is taking to ensure that people with disabilities or long-term health conditions are not unfairly treated.

Policy on the employment of people with disabilities or long-term health conditions (pdf, 130kb)

Pregnancy, maternity and adoption

Policy on Support to Students: Pregnancy, Maternity and Adoption

Coventry University believes that becoming pregnant or caring for a child should not, in itself, detract from the student's experience or their success in studies. The University is therefore committed to showing as much flexibility as possible to facilitate students’ success, making sure no student is disadvantaged whilst ensuring academic standards are not compromised. The amount of flexibility that can be offered may vary between courses but all departments will follow the general approach set out in this document.

Policy on Support to Students: Pregnancy, Maternity and Adoption (pdf, 110kb)

Annex A: Form (Microsoft Word, 35kb)

Annex B: Sources of Information and Help (Microsoft Word, 22kb)