Romanian - Limba română

Why learn Romanian?

Romanian is a 1,700 years old Romance language with Slavic influences, and its vocabulary is 75% of Latin and about 15% of Slavic origin. This means that Romanian is lexically very similar to Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish, and like them is written as it is pronounced: so if you have studied, or would like to study one these languages, you will benefit from the similarities and learn more easily. .

What are some key phrases?




La revedere



Numele meu este …

My name is …

“ mew 'jes.te”



Thank you!


Are there any words I might recognise?

Here are a few Romanian words used in the English language:

  • ban – a noble title, but also a monetary unit. Probably originally from Thracian *ban via Romanian ban.
  • hora – a type of circle dance originating in the Balkans, and also found in other countries. Its etymology includes Hebrew, Romanian and Turkish.
  • mineriad – term used to name violent protests within a political action organised by miners during the 1990s
  • palatschinke – a thin crêpe-like variety of pancake common in Central and Eastern Europe. From Latin placenta (cake) via Romanian plăcintă (cake) and Hungarian palacsinta.

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  • Advanced (C1) - Use the language in more extended and complex situations.

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