Polish - Polski

Why learn Polish?

Although sometimes considered a language of exceptional difficulty, Polish is written, like English and other European languages, in Latin script (unlike many other Slavic languages, which use the Cyrillic script). This helps many speakers of Western languages because, when starting to study Polish, they don’t have to learn a whole new alphabet.

Polish is spoken by about 38 million people in Poland, but in addition to that many more million use the language within the Polish diaspora, commonly referred to as Polonia.

Because Poles constitute a large minority in many countries in Europe and the whole world, after you attend a Linguae Mundi Polish course you can start practising the language with native speakers almost anywhere you live!

What are some key phrases?

Dzień dobry

Good morning

“jen doh-brih”











Thank you


Na zdrowie!

Cheers!/Bless you!

“nah zdroh-vyeh”

Are there any words I might recognise?

You may have heard of “mleko”, ‘milk’, or “wódka”, ‘vodka’ …
On the other hand, here are some words that may or may not sound familiar to English speakers’ ears: “brat”, ‘brother’; “siostra”, ‘sister’; “syn”, ‘son’; “matka”, ‘mother’, “dom”, ‘house’/’home’; “mysz”, ‘mouse’.
An interesting Polish word is: “pokój”, which can mean both ‘peace’, and ‘room’.

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We offer a range of levels for most languages from beginner to advanced. Our courses match the standard Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels - from A1 to C2.

  • Beginner (A1) - A solid start to learning the language.
  • Post-Beginner (A1+) - Gain in confidence with the basics.
  • Improvers (A2) - Start to hold longer, routine conversations.
  • Language and Culture (B1 to B2) - New topics each semester to develop to a higher level.
  • Advanced (C1) - Use the language in more extended and complex situations.

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