Italian - Italiano

Why learn Italian?

Italian has about 67 million speakers in the whole world, so Italy only ranks 21st for number of national language speakers. Want to find out why the language of this relatively small Mediterranean peninsula is still one of the most widely studied foreign languages worldwide? 

Take a Linguae Mundi Italian course and get ready to travel to the “bel paese”, stroll on a “piazza” overlooked by buildings “color terracotta”, sit in the sunshine at an outdoors “caffè” after ordering “un espresso”, or “un aperitivo” and “una pasta al pomodoro”, then enjoy “la dolce vita” while chatting to the locals...

What are some key phrases?





Per favore



 Thank you


 You're welcome

Are there any words I might recognise?

You’ll already know many music, food, and fashion words in Italian, such as soprano and ballerina. And you won’t need to translate pizza, pasta, mozzarella and lasagne.

Be careful, though as not all words mean what you think. Pepperoni is sausage, right? Wrong! It means peppers in in Italian. And you might get into trouble if you throw confetti at someone though. In Italian, this is the word for sugared almonds.

When can I study Italian?

Linguae Mundi runs evening classes for Italian. We are also an official examination centre for Italian qualifications.

Get started today...

Our full timetable can be found on the registration page. Information on fees can be found on our payment and costs page.

We offer a range of levels for most languages from beginner to advanced. Our courses match the standard Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels - from A1 to C2.

  • Beginner (A1) - A solid start to learning the language.
  • Post-Beginner (A1+) - Gain in confidence with the basics.
  • Improvers (A2) - Start to hold longer, routine conversations.
  • Language and Culture (B1 to B2) - New topics each semester to develop to a higher level.
  • Advanced (C1) - Use the language in more extended and complex situations.

As well as this language, we offer over 30 other languages. Can’t decide which language to learn? Try one of our free Intro Sessions where we’ll teach you the basics and you can decide if it’s for you. Learn how to join an intro session.

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