Payment of fees - fee authorisation

Sponsored students

If your fees are to be paid in part or fully by a sponsor (such as your employer), you will be required at enrolment to provide a letter or fee authorisation form. For employers this will ideally be supplied on company headed paper and state the amount of support you will be receiving.

A 'fee authorisation form' can be obtained from the University's Finance Income team or from the links below, including a template that can be reformatted to allow employers to reproduce the document on their company headed notepaper. Once you have enrolled your sponsor will automatically be invoiced.

'Fee authorisation' forms are only to be completed by 'registered' organisations and companies, and should not be used if your fees are to be paid by family members, friends etc., unless you are officially listed as an employee of theirs.

For your convenience the 'fee authorisation form' is available below:

  • a fixed word template/form with University logo, requiring completion of mandatory information
  • a fixed word template/form to print on your company letterhead, requiring completion of mandatory information

In all cases the document must be signed by an appropriate signatory before submission to the Income team, either by delivery in person or by post to the address below:

Coventry University
Finance Income team
Priory Street
CV1 5FB.