Working in the Faculty

Many students have part-time jobs while at University, but did you know the Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing employs its own students? As a paid Student Advocate you will be allocated a specific role which can be fitted around your classes.

Duties are plentiful and varied and – with a proper interview selection – make a valuable addition to your CV. You could be asked to:

  • Assist EEC Futures (employability and placements team) with client sourcing and events;
  • Run the Faculty's Social Media presence and respond to queries on;
  • Work with the Faculty's Marketing Office to assist with external events;
  • Lead building tours for visitors and staff;
  • Assist the Business/Enterprise/Commercial Department on events and research;
  • Support the Facilities Management Office, undertaking tasks around the EC building and John Laing building;
  • Act as a mentor to other students.
Read what our Student Advocates say about working for the Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing:

I was very pleased to be recommended for an advocate role; my position, working within the marketing team, sees me assisting with design work to be featured in University literature, as well as leading tours of the Engineering and Computing building for Business delegates and potential students. The flexibility of my job allows me to balance my work hours, University studies and social life.

Ross Thorpe

Over the past few years, I have worked in different functions including Database Administration, Customer Service and Event Organisation. Working with a friendly group of students and staffs has certainly made my time at university more enjoyable. Nonetheless, the experience has helped me to develop certain professional skills which are a great addition to the academic knowledge I have achieved at the university.

Rahul Malik

Working with EEC Futures and the Careers Department has allowed me to organise and attend presentations from many of the biggest companies in Engineering and to meet professionals from various fields. My job has also taught me the importance of employability skills and has helped me immensely with developing and improving them.

Viktor Spirov

My experience working as a Student Advocate has been amazing. Working alongside members of staff gives me equal responsibility which will eventually show in my character. It is a very flexible and easy way of making money. This is my third year being an advocate and as a result of me being in my final undergraduate year, I don’t work as much due to academic commitments but can still make the extra cash when needed. Overall, I think it’s the best part-time job a student could ever ask for.

Wole Aina

Working as a Student Advocate has been a great experience for me. I have developed and enhanced skills such as: team work, leadership, time management, copy-writing, and stock management. It is a great job to have, not only because you can work in your free time and it won't interfere with lectures, but you also get used to the working environment. This will mean that it will be much easier to integrate in your future graduate job.

Vlad Ichim

Studying Structural Engineering with Architecture, now in my final year, working in three departments in the university as part-time job among these being an Advocate helped me improve my personal skills, networking and customer service also boosted my confidence, can deal with difficult situations easily which also gave a taste of professionalism. Managing three jobs and perfect grades can be challenging but that's the fun of being a student!

Dilshad Shams