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Acting (Stage and Screen) BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

The course enhances your personal, professional and vocational skills. It fosters creativity, critical reflection and an understanding of the processes and performances of diverse acting practices.

Animation BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

The BA Animation at Coventry University is for storytellers and artists who want to bring life to their creations through the application of movement. 

Architecture BSc (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

Architecture remains one of the most enjoyable and rewarding professions; in designing new spaces and buildings around our everyday lives and needs, you will be challenged intellectually, artistically and creatively.

Art, Design and Media Practice Foundation Coventry University (Coventry)

This Art, Design and Media Foundation Diploma can enable you to explore and experiment across a wide range of creative disciplines.

Automotive and Transport Design BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

We aim to cover the broadest spectrum of automotive and transport design focusing on design-driven innovations.

Digital Media BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

Love combining digital skills with creative storytelling? Our degree can provide a foundation of creative and technical skills that prepare you for a potential future career in immersive media.

English and Creative Writing BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

A passion for language and creative writing can lead to exciting careers in publishing, advertising, teaching, journalism and more.

English and Education Management BA (Hons) top-up Coventry University (Coventry)

This course is designed for learners who aim to enhance their knowledge of English language and literature while engaging with education themes, including teaching young learners, English testing and management.

English BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

Interested in English Literature and English Language? Our BA English degree combines the study of both and can help you to think about and analyse the world in new ways. 

English Language and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

Teaching English as a foreign language can be fun, challenging, hugely rewarding, and can enable you to see the world and meet new people.

English Literature BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

Coventry University’s English Literature course offers you the opportunity to study English literature of all periods from the Medieval to the present day.

Fashion BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

If you have an appreciation of art and fashion and want to work within the industry, our aim is to nurture your individual creativity.

Film Production BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

The BA (Hons) Film Production course is aimed at future film makers. You will gain practical hands on experience in making films and learn to understand the contextual setting they are working in.

Fine Art BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

Innovation and imagination are the hallmarks of our fine art teaching; this practice-based course will challenge and inspire you, developing the creative, technical, critical, reflective and enterprising skills to forge a successful and sustainable career in contemporary art.

Games Art BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

As a games artist, you can work in one of the largest and agile creative industries in the world. This exciting course is developed in conjunction with games industry employers and shows you the skillset you need to be a successful games artist. 

Graphic Design BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

The future graphic designer is curious, empathetic, responsible, knowledgeable, and technically adaptable. Coventry University’s Graphic Design BA (Hons) course challenges and guides you to become just that.

History and Politics BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

We combine the teaching of comparative 20th century politics and political ideas with modern global, political and social history, with a focus on Britain, Europe and America.

History BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

The study of the past allows you to understand the present and shape the future. Studying history gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a range of historic periods.

Illustration BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

If you want to turn your interest and passion for image making, drawing and creative ideas into an exciting and fully formed professional creative career, then this course may be for you. It is currently designed and run by successful practicing illustrators, artists and designers who all share a common desire to push the boundaries of illustration.

Interior Architecture and Design BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

From 3D modelling to project management, Interior Design courses can teach you skills needed for a creative career using your eye for detail.

International Fashion Business BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

The BA Hons International Fashion Business course is designed to produce future fashion business professionals who have a broad understanding of the world of fashion, who understand how to cultivate innovation and who take a collaborative approach

International Relations BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

This exciting course examines contemporary world politics across three main study themes: International Relations, Globalisation and Politics.

Journalism BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

Just as printed newspapers, radio and television at one time changed the purpose and ways in which people engaged with news, so too digital, mobile and social media have transformed the way journalism is practised in modern society.

Languages for Global Communication BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

Languages for Global Communication is designed to help you become an intercultural communicator who is able to bring a highly desirable set of skills to a range of employment roles.

Media and Communications BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

Our Media and Communications course is designed to help you negotiate and operate in contemporary media landscapes, exploring a wide range of communication, culture and media theory.

Media Production BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

If you’re an aspiring media professional, our course aims to cultivate your production skills, and help you to understand, engage and respond to the ever-changing global media.

Music Technology BSc (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

Have a passion for making and listening to music? This course aims to cover skills needed to create, record and produce music and audio.

Photography BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

Coventry is ranked 9th in the UK for Film Production and Photography (Guardian University Guide 2021) - it’s time for you to capture your moment with us.

Politics and International Relations BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

Politics and International Relations looks at how countries are governed and decisions are made, what shapes foreign policies, and how national and international political events impact people locally.

Politics BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

Interested in how countries are governed and decisions made? A degree in Politics can help you to refine your power of judgment and your critical thinking.

Popular Music Performance and Songwriting BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

The first step to becoming a popular musician is to think of yourself as one. Get trained up with our Popular Music Performance and Songwriting BA (Hons) and who knows where you’ll end up!

Product Design BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

Do you like the idea of developing innovative new products? If so, our long-established degree seeks to equip you with a broad range of skills to help you create all types of products, from wearable technology to sports footwear to luxury aircraft seating.

Sociology and Criminology BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

Combining two exciting and complementary disciplines, this fascinating degree explores social issues and problems, focusing on crime, victimisation, justice and punishment.

Sociology BA (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

Sociology is ideally suited to those with an inquisitive mind in tumultuous times. We examine society and our experience of it as individuals, working professionals, families, communities and organisations.