Paul Magee

As a designer my background includes automotive styling, large scale structures, exhibition design, domestic furniture and hi technology products – leading to increasingly user focussed objects and experiences – including my MA major project; a moving experience-platform to share or individualise travel.

With 15 years or professional experience in the design industry and the most recent 7 years working specifically on healthcare projects, I have been directly involved with expert users, patient groups, Occupational Therapists and other medical professionals along with a variety of SME’s and larger companies tasked with production of subtle, effective and meaningful solutions to often life-restricting, undignified experiences.

A selection of the products I have been involved with during my time at HDTI is listed below; there are over 200 projects during this period, each designed around a defined user (market) need. All solutions have a simple, de-stigmatised aesthetic that encourages product selection and promotes continued usage:

Assistive Walking Sticks and Anti-slip shock-absorbing Ferrules

Neo-natal furniture

Non-slip drinking mugs and eating plates

Wheelchair stability assessment systems (hardware and GUI)

Assistive and infant dental care

Commodes (contemporary approach)

Shopping aids

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  • WheelSense, Health Design & Technology Institute.
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