Dr. Lindsey Appleyard

Dr Lindsey Appleyard is an economic geographer with interests in money and finance and how this shapes people and places. Lindsey’s research is policy focused and broadly based around the concept of financial exclusion and inclusion of consumers, as well as commercial and social enterprises.  Her recent research is funded by the AHRC and explores ‘responsible lending and borrowing’ from a spectrum of lenders, including mainstream sources such as banks and alternative sources such as Credit Unions, amongst moderate and low-income households.  Lindsey is currently supervising a number of Doctoral Researchers that are exploring financial education and financial capability. Prior to joining CBiS, Lindsey held research roles in the Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management (CHASM) at the University of Birmingham and in the School of Geography, University of Nottingham. Lindsey completed her ESRC sponsored PhD on access to enterprise finance at the University of Birmingham in 2007.

  • Appleyard, L., and Rowlingson, K. (2010) Home ownership and the distribution of personal wealth: A review of the evidence. Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Housing Market Taskforce.
  • Responsibilities, Ethics and the Financial Crisis. The project will explore the impact of the global financial crisis on the way that the risks of consumer lending, including mortgage lending, were spread - notably through a market in securitized debt; overconfidence in the strength of house prices; and conflicts of interest among institutional lenders and those responsible for analysing credit risks. The financial crisis is particularly important in the UK, where financial services constitute one of the largest economic sectors and one of the biggest sources of tax revenue.